Three Unknown Facts About Bulletproof Vests

by Nanci

When you see a bullet proof vest for sale, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Guns or bullets? When anyone hears the word bulletproof, they probably think towards the cops or wars, and for people who quickly get scared, a bulletproof vest may ignite the fear. There is no one to blame for the general idea of fear and horror experienced when anyone hears a bulletproof vest. It is a phenomenon that is absolutely normal. This generation may not be the generation that has experienced wars, crimes, and bombing as the older ones, but the movies we see, the documentaries, and the inquisitive nature that forces us to research has made us understand what bullets and guns are. Since a Bulletproof vest is a partial solution and protection, it may spark fear.

It is rare before you see a regular man or woman buying a bulletproof vest. If there is anywhere these Vests will sell quickly; it will be in areas ridden with war and killings regularly. Therefore, as a form of mini protection, these bulletproof vests are helpful. But in a location where there is relative peace, it takes some situation for anyone to buy a bulletproof vest. It is either the person who works in a highly classified job as a security operative or maybe works in a place with a high risk involving guns. Regardless of the reason, anyone is buying bulletproof Vests, not many people know about the outfit. Many see it as a solution to guns and bullets, whereas it is not. In this guide, we will discuss some facts about a bulletproof vest that no one knows or talks about.

No vest is Bulletproof

The idea of a bulletproof vest does not exist. Of course, wearing a bulletproof vest can save you from some bullet attacks, but it does not make it bulletproof. It doesn’t repel bullets, nor does it mean that the bullets may not hit you. What a bulletproof vest does for you is to receive a bullet on your behalf, hindering it from hitting you. However, bulletproof vests work for some specific types of shots. Therefore, you should not have complete confidence in front of a bullet because of a bulletproof vest.

Bulletproof vests have a deadline

Like every other outfit that you wear has a lifespan, the bulletproof vest also has a lifespan. Usually, a bulletproof vest is designed to last for anything between five and ten years. Mainly, the company will indicate how long the bulletproof vest should last. Once a bulletproof vest surpasses the timeline, it loses the qualities that make it act as a bulletproof vest. Therefore, it is dangerous to wear a bulletproof vest after its expiry date.

Washing a bulletproof vest isn’t impossible

Because it looks complex, many tend to believe that washing a bulletproof vest is dangerous. The only danger is trying to wear the vest while it is wet. Therefore, before you pass a vest, ensure you have another.


One last fact that most people don’t know is bulletproof vests are not reusable. Once a bulletproof vest has been hit at a point, the best thing is to get another one.

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