The Main Method Of Adjusting Your 4×4 Closure Wig Size

by Nanci

One of the essential factors to consider while buying the 4*4 closure wig is its size. A wig’s size should ensure that it fits snuggly on one’s head. A big size on the closure wigs may remove the natural appearance you strive to achieve. The best thing about the wig is that you can adjust it to fit. Below are a few steps on the best way to adjust your wig.

1. Locate the 4*4 closure wig adjusting hooks

Most of the wigs present in the market have readjusting hooks. The hooks are usually present at the neck’s nape. Therefore, ensure first to locate where the hooks are.

2. Adjust the hooks of the 4*4 closure wig

Once you have located the hooks, adjust them to fit your head size. At this step, take the plastic hook and fix it into one of the notches present at the wig’s back. The place you choose to hook the strap into should be one that you are comfortable with maintaining. It means that it should not be too loose or tight but a perfect fit. The key point to note is that the innermost notches are for people with small-head sizes. The outermost notches are for people with large head sizes. At the same time, the middle notches are for those the medium sizes. Therefore, ensure that you know your head size to adjust perfectly.

3. Sew in the elastic

You can always sew in the elastic if the adjusting strap does not lead to a perfect result. The purpose of sewing in the adjusting strap is to ensure it does not become loose as time goes by. The sewing job will ensure that your new size is perfectly secured. Hence, guarantee a perfect size for your 4*4 closure wig.

Disadvantages of wearing a 4*4 closure wig that does not fit

· Damage to the natural hairline

A too-small closure wig can press on your natural hairline. Too much pressure may end up damaging your hairline. The damage can be in the form of hair loss on your hairline. Therefore, it may be damaging instead of the wig acting like a protective style. Thus, you must ensure that you avoid having a too-tight wig.

· Cause headaches

A too-small wig can lead to headaches. It is because the tight straps may end up pressing on your head’s nerves. Therefore, you must wear a perfect fit wig. A good fit wig will be very comfortable for you. Furthermore, it will not encourage headaches of any sort.

· Reveals your scalp

One of the main aims of wearing a closure wig is its natural-looking appearance. If the wig’s size is too small, your hairline and scalp may easily be visible. Therefore, it will not serve its natural-looking purpose.

· Can easily fall

If your wig is too big, then it can easily fall. A too big wig can have trouble staying in place on one’s head. Furthermore, a big wig ensures that one can see your natural hair. Therefore, you should wear a perfect fit wig.


The size of a 4*4 closure wig plays a vital role in how incredible the wig will look on you. Therefore, you must have a perfect fit. The above will help you learn more about adjusting the wig size using the adjusting straps.

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