Different Hairstyles of Dread Extensions to Choose From

by Nanci

Dread extensions are perfect if you’re looking to give your hair some much-needed oomph without the need to wait forever in-between visits to the salon. They’re also very versatile, and there are many types of dread extensions to choose from, ranging from long dread LOC extensions to small LOC extensions–there’s an option for any hair type out there!

You can dye them, straighten them, or curl them…the possibilities are endless! We’ve put together a list of 5 different dread extensions for women that will have you running out to your nearest beauty supply store so you can get started immediately!

Top 5 Hairstyles of Dread Extensions

#1 – Long Dread Style

This style is perfect for those with long hair. The dreadlocks, created using tape, start low on one side of your head and gradually get longer as they approach your hairline on the other side. Start curling small sections of your hair with a 1-inch curling iron and secure them into place with tiny bobby pins. If you don’t have a height issue, this long dread style can be the perfect choice for you.

#2 – Short Dread Style

This short dread style uses long, curly extensions to give volume and texture to very short hair. While it looks very polished on its own, any piece of hair that grows too long can be tucked into a French braid to make it look more uniform and sleek. Short dreads have a fascinating history, going all the way back to early civilizations like Greece and Rome.

#3 – Dread Braid Style

If you want a slightly vintage, somewhat urban look, a braid may be just what you need. Long or short dreads can be braided into different styles. The most common is a simple three-strand plait (or a variation on it) using waxed floss or silk ribbon. But remember, braids are like hairstyles – they come in all shapes and sizes; try out different styles until you find one that works for you!

#4 – Wool Dreads

Wool dreads are typically a bit messier than synthetic dreads and slightly harder to manage; however, they’re natural and last a lifetime. If you want an eco-friendly way of styling your hair, wool is an excellent choice for dreads. The lack of stiffness will make them easier to shape as well. Wool dreads are often combined with synthetic extensions for a unique look.

#5 – Yarn Dreads

Yarn dreads, also known as yarn braids, have become very popular in recent years. Though they may look intricate, they’re actually incredibly easy to do at home. The key is making sure you have all of your supplies on hand before you begin. This is an ideal style for people with fine hair who want larger and fuller looking dreads.


In conclusion, we can see that dread extensions are easy to care for and stylish. By wearing dread extensions, you don’t have to worry about getting your hair cut every two weeks. It is also essential that these extensions do not look fake as they consist of your own hair. So, if you’re tired of having regular trims and want something different, dread extensions are a great choice!

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