What Happens When Your Car’s Fuel Filter Goes Bad?

by Nanci

If you have a car, you know that it takes a lot of work to keep it running smoothly. If anything, wix 24003 fuel filters are one of those things you don’t think about until they go bad, and then it’s too late.

So, if you have experienced any of these symptoms with your car, it may be time to replace your fuel filter.

Hard Starting

If you have a hard time getting your car to start, it could be because of a number of things. The starter or battery could be going bad and needs to be replaced. But if you’ve checked both these things and they seem fine, check your fuel filter first.

If you haven’t changed your fuel filter in a while (more than 30,000 miles), there’s a good chance that it’s clogged with dirt and debris from the tank. This will prevent enough fuel from getting through for your car to start properly.

Reduced Gas Mileage

If you have a faulty fuel filter, it may allow too much air into your engine, which will reduce your gas mileage. This happens because air has no combustive value, so when it builds up in your engine, it reduces its ability to burn fuel properly and efficiently. This causes the engine to work harder than normal while burning less fuel per mile driven than normal.

Fuel Leaks from under the Hood

When a clogged or damaged fuel filter is left unchecked, it can cause leaks under your hood. When this happens, you might start to notice an odor similar to gasoline inside your vehicle or see drops of liquid on top of your engine and on other parts of the car’s exterior. This is caused by gasoline leaking from your fuel system into other areas of your vehicle. As a result, you may need to take your car into a mechanic for repairs — but if you don’t fix it soon enough, it could cause serious damage to other parts of your car’s engine and cause more costly repairs down the line.

Engine Stalling

If your car stalls out when you’re driving, it’s probably due to a clogged fuel filter. A clean fuel filter ensures that there is enough flow through the system so that all cylinders get equal amounts of fuel at all times. If fine particles get into the system and clog up the filter, then only some cylinders will receive enough fuel at any given time — leading to an uneven firing order and stalling out of your engine as soon as you step on the throttle pedal.

Random Misfire

Another symptom of a busted fuel filter is random misfires. Sometimes you might notice while driving that your engine is misfiring and not running properly. This could be due to an issue with the fuel filter because it’s not letting enough gas through to keep everything running smoothly. A lot of times this problem will go away after having the car towed to a mechanic for inspection, but if it continues then you might want to replace the part altogether so that everything runs smoothly again.


The fuel filter is an essential part of your engine. It screens debris from the gasoline so that this debris will not get into the engine. When there are small amounts of debris in your fuel, it gets accumulated on the sides and walls of the filter and at the bottom of it. Old, dirty gas filters won’t allow combustible gases to enter your vehicle easily—this also results in a drop in gas mileage, and low power output. So, do your best to stay on top of the maintenance schedule for your vehicle, and when you find something wrong, don’t stick around. Take action immediately!

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