Ozone To The Rescue

by Nanci
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Many of us have heard about ozone in the news. Most of the stories are about ozone existing in the stratosphere and protecting the planet from excessive solar radiation, or ultraviolet B (UVB) rays.

We’ve also heard that air pollution (mainly chlorofluorocarbons or CFC’s) has caused deterioration of the ozone layer, which has contributed to climate change and a higher risk of ultraviolet radiation damage to living things on earth.

There has even been an increase in ozone warnings in the summer months, when ozone interacts with trapped pollution closer to the surface and breathing the mixture can cause negative health effects.

But unless you are a strong advocate of natural medicine, I bet you haven’t heard of ozone as an amazing medical cure.

The biochemistry of it gets a little complicated, but the bottom line is that our world is full of oxidizing chemicals, and even our own natural bodily processes can split molecular oxygen (O2) into single oxygen molecules that are very volatile.  The by-products of these chemical reactions are called free radicals, and when left unattended they can do a lot of damage to your cells.

This is why antioxidants in healthy fruits and vegetables are so important for good health. They donate electrons to free radicals to calm them down, and minimize the damage they can do.

Ozone (O3) works in a similar way because the extra oxygen molecule it contains is attracted to cell walls that are weakened by disease (viral, fungal, bacterial) and their collision actually destroys sick cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

While we have known for hundreds of years that oxygen kills both bacteria and viruses, recently some very brilliant MD’s developed a specific protocol using ozone in the body as an amazing medical cure without any damage to the healthy cells whatsoever.

Of course, ozone is not a patentable product since it exists in nature, so no drug company or major medical facility is interested in producing it. In fact, many of them have a vested interest in making sure that nobody knows about ozone’s use as a powerful medicine.

We know it works though, because it has been used to treat viruses ranging from Herpes Simplex to West Nile virus in the US, and European doctors have used it for decades. It also has many industrial uses as a chemical-free cleanser, deodorizer, antiviral, and anti-bacterial agent in areas ranging from water purification to automobile and hotel room sanitation.

Because ozone (O3) is a volatile compound, it must be manufactured and delivered very specifically to be effective. Luckily, there is an organization called the American Academy of Ozonotherapy that trains interested physicians in the protocol and how to deliver it.

Two of these trained M.D.’s, Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Howard Robins, were recently invited to Sierra Leone to use ozone therapy on Ebola patients.

Initially, they were welcomed with open arms by all authorities, and they trained over 100 medical personnel in the protocol. They were about to begin administering ozone therapy to the first 10 recently diagnosed Ebola patients, when suddenly the health ministry intervened and stopped all medical personnel in their tracks with threats of job loss if they continued with the treatment.

The protocol has no downside risks when administered properly, it is very inexpensive, and it is unpatentable. It may have been the answer to a terrifying viral contagion, but now there is no evidence either way.

Both doctors are being very careful not to say anything negative about the Sierra Leone government officials or their motivation for stopping the treatments, but it is suspiciously apparent that someone doesn’t want such an inexpensive natural cure competing with potential marketable “cures” right now.

Since there is at least one antiviral vaccine for Ebola in the works, and one antiviral drug in the pipeline, an inexpensive ozone cure could cost large drug companies a substantial loss of revenue. Plus, who knows how much money might be made if everyone in the world wanted the Ebola vaccine based on the currently advertised “deadliness” of an epidemic outbreak.

It is scary to think that our world is so motivated by monetary gain that innocent Ebola victims will die needlessly without effective treatment because someone wants to sell a vaccine or drug.

The sad reality is that many natural and effective cures have died the exact same death because monetary interests prevented them from gaining acceptance in the medical community.

I have personally used several different forms of oxygen therapy, and found each one to be exceptionally effective at curing disease naturally. It is such a shame that so many safe and natural cures are ignored, or worse labeled as quackery, when in reality they can be cost-effective lifesavers.

Let’s all hope that Dr.’s Rowen and Robins are invited back to Sierra Leone quickly to help the sick and dying there. And if you or someone you love experience any type of infection, consider consulting the American Academy of Ozone therapy for trained ozone therapy practitioners in your area for a safe and side effect free natural cure.

By Lisa Best


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