5 Step Guide to Changing Anything in Your Life

by Nanci

Have you been looking for a way to change things? A way that actually works?

As I travel around the world, there are many tools that I share for changing things in people’s lives. I’d love to give you one of my favorite paradigms for change, that people find over and over again actually works!

How do you start creating what it is YOU would like to create in your life?

Read on for 5 Steps to Change Anything!

1. Make a Demand – As in “Hey, this is going to change and something else is going to show up!”

What if all those things you’ve judged that you cannot have are actually possible? Rather than rejecting what is possible and what other people create, what if you could allow it to inspire you? Make the demand – ‘No matter what it takes, no matter what it looks like, I will have it.’ That demand allows the universe to know you mean it and to support you.

Question: What’s it going to take for me to have that?

2. Ask a Question – Every question you ask opens up a completely different possibility and a new potential.

By making a demand and then asking a question, ‘What’s it going to take for this to show up differently?’, you open up doorways you never saw before. You stick your head in the doorway and there are all sorts of different pathways you can take!


  • What’s it going to take for this to show up?
  • What else is possible?
  • How does it get any better than this?

3. Wave the Magic Wand – Ask to destroy and uncreate and let go of everything you’ve created or bought that doesn’t allow that to show up as soon as possible. Then run the clearing statement (your magic wand ;)) – Right, wrong, good, bad, POD and POC, all Nine, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. Or just ‘POD and POC all that!’ (You can learn more about the clearing statement and how to use it HERE)

4. Choose and Act – Your choice determines the potentials and possibilities that will occur.

In other words, you’ve got the demand, the question, and the letting go of the limitation – and it’s the choice that actually creates a different possibility for the future. You have to choose and act! In this reality, you still have to DO as well. Please don’t limit what can show up for you by refusing to act when it’s necessary. You’ll need to DO something different to create something different.

5. Receive Everything – For this to work, you have to be willing to receive everything that shows up, with no judgment and no exclusion. Trust the Universe.

Please know you don’t control when something shows up, or exactly what it looks like. The Universe does. The Universe is aware of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES – possibilities that go way way beyond anything you could imagine.

What energy, space and consciousness can you be to receive everything you’ve been unwilling to receive?

What could inspire you today that you haven’t even acknowledged? What change could you choose that you’ve never thought possible?

Until next time my friends,

Dain Heer

Blog from AccessConsciousness.com

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