5 Helpful Tips when Embarking on a Transformational Travel Adventure

by Nanci

It’s no secret. Nature is the ultimate medicine. The indigenous cultures have known this all along. We are now slowly also remembering. As we immerse ourselves in nature, magical self-transformation seems to automatically run it’s course. The same can same can be said for yoga; it’s transformational power can be also immense. So, what happens when we take the time to combine the two; Nature & Yoga, and dive into a deep exploration of both the wild and remote locations of our beautiful planet while we simultaneously engage in our internal exploration?

As a avid farmer, yogi, surfer, explorer, bio-hacker, lifestyle consultant; nothing serves me more than allowing nature’s messages and lessons to become clear and concise. As we begin to truly connect with our surroundings, something incredible begins to alter our state of being. Worries that seemed so important, so relevant; begin to melt away. Our human senses light up; allowing us to feel, see, smell, hear, and perceive on a much deeper level. A web of waves we’ve named “connection” or “unity” takes hold, and guides us. Time becomes irrelevant. Words become irrelevant. In these moments, we allow ourselves to simple be.

We all have a personal quest, a purpose. Unfortunately, many of us have become numb to the pull of our internal compass, conditioned to follow. Why? I’ve been wrong many times before, but I believe the two causes are Fear, and Comfort. They coincide and collaborate. If we dive into the science; we see evidence that a primitive part of our brain called the “amygdala”; is the reason we fear things outside of our control, and the reason we latch onto comfort. For centuries, this served our species; allowing us to gain strength in numbers and keeping us safe from natural predators and enemies. Fast-forward to 2016, where civilisation has completely transformed the way we experience life. Yet, most of us still feel the impulse of surrender, or amenity, contentment.


If and when… we allow ourselves to adopt the practice of yoga and embrace the ruggedness on the nature, as our inspiration and our discomfort; we grant ourselves the gift of self-transformation & personal growth, reconnecting with Nature’s spirit!

Here is a short list; 5 ways to maximise our self-transformation, when exploring some of the Earth’s most remote and untouched marvels.

1- Create Space for Silence in the Morning

By beginning our day with an allocated period of silence, we create less impact and influence on our environment. This can be a beautiful gift to those around you and yourself. This also allows us the chance to enter a state of reflection and connection to your immediate surroundings.

2- Carry a Journal

It is in the moments of silence, where we allow ourselves to simply “be” and “hold space” that inspiration is welcomed to work its magic. Think of inspiration as an awesome radio signal, and you are the antenna. How clean & clear is your reception?

3- Be Mindful of Your First Meal of the Day

This seems difficult for most of us to grasp because there are so many different opinions and diets claiming to be “the one”. I recommend learning more about your body, by studying your heritage & genetics, the origin of the foods you consume, how your body reacts to those foods, and what nutritional combinations give you optimal performance; physically and mentally. This is no easy task. This may take years to master. I recommend looking into the Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey, and the Primal Blueprint 101 by Mark Sisson if interested. These are two incredible individuals, and now friends of mine, whom have devoted their lives to pursue the study of maximum human health and performance.

4- Meditate by Visualising and Emitting: Love, Gratitude, and Forgiveness

My friend and founder of Mindvalley; Vishen Lakhiani gave me this tool, which changed my life forever. I’ve modified his version of visualising 6 phases, and chopped it down to 3 phases for the first 90 days of practice. By taking a few minutes out of our day (before / during / after your yoga practice would be best) to vibrate and emit these 3 feelings (one at a time), we create the breading ground for a transformational shift; allowing us to see the positive side of situations, and to be more welcoming to whatever the journey sends our way.

5- If You’re Scared of Doing It.. Do It Scared

We’ve put ourselves out there! We’ve made it this far… We’ve travelled to, or on-route to a beautiful remote location… At some point you’ll be faced with a challenge that scares the shit out of you. This is your moment! Remember why you came here. You came on this transformational journey to conquer fear and seek discomfort. As a reminder… When this question is asked to most while on their deathbed: “What is your biggest regret?”, over 90% of answers relates to “Not taking a risk when they had the chance”. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU! Live in the truest sense of the word.

My intention for this post is to give you a poke in the ass to seek out your next adventure. If you’re looking for the perfect transformational travel experience, check out our 10-day journey thru Iceland with Breathe in Life; in April-May 2017. Here is a direct link to reserve your spot. You can also message me directly at [email protected]. I love discussing and interacting with my readers! You can also sign up to my bi-monthly newsletter for updates and my organic farm project in Nicaragua here!

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