Frequently Asked Questions About The 13×4 Lace Front Wigs

by Nanci

The 13*4 lace front wigs are one of the most realistic wigs available in the market. Those laced with human hair appear more natural. You can also customize the lace front wigs into whichever style you want. Therefore, the wigs are some of the best in the market. They are also perfect for wig beginners. Below are six frequently asked questions about the 13*4 lace front wigs.

1. What do the 13*4 lace front wigs mean?

The 13*4 lace front wigs are lace frontals that are 4-inches back and 13-inches across. You can find the lace frontal at the front of your head. Furthermore, some of the best lace frontals available in the market are usually hand woven. Therefore, it ensures you have a more natural-looking hairline.

2. How often should one wear the wig?

Generally, the frontal lace wigs are very durable. With the correct care, they can serve you for one year. Therefore, part of the care is to know how long you should wear the wig. The recommended time is usually up to six weeks. After the six weeks are over, you can give your natural hair time to breathe by moisturizing, conditioning, and thorough cleansing.

3. How can one determine the correct wig size?

Generally, people have different wig sizes. Furthermore, the size of one’s wig is an essential factor to consider before purchase. Therefore, one way to determine your wig size is by using a measuring tape. Place tape’s edge on the front of your head and move it to the back then to the front. Ensure to note down the size. Once you have the size, go to your wig supplier’s website and check out the size chart. The size chart will ensure you know the exact wig size to buy.

4. Why do people love the 13*4 lace front wigs?

Most women prefer the lace front wig because it is very light. The lightweight of the wig ensures that the wig is very comfortable. There can be nothing as off-putting as a heavy wig. Furthermore, during busy days a heavy wig may be highly uncomfortable. Therefore, people love the 13*4 wig because of its high comfort levels.

5. What is the best wig density to get?

Wig density impacts how full or thin your wig’s hair looks. If you wish for a more natural and realistic look, you can buy the 130% wig density. But if you wish for the celebrity style complete look, you can choose a wig density of 180% or higher.

6. Do the 13*4 lace front wigs contribute to natural hair loss?

One of the main reasons people wear wigs is to prevent hair loss. But some wigs, contribute to natural hair damage and loss. One of the reasons why the lace front wig is popular is because it is very safe and does not lead to hair damage or loss. Furthermore, as long as you ensure proper hair care, you will not experience hair loss.


The 13*4 lace front wigs are one of the trendy wigs among beginners. They not only ensure one looks awesome but are very comfortable and light. The above frequently asked questions can help you learn more about the wig.

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