The Theme for November is FORGIVENESS – Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci

This is the big letting go, the final completion, the cutting it loose.

We are weary of the fight, the blame, the crisis, the judgment, the debt, being victims, feeling owed, the anxiety, worry, and stress.

We desperately wish for a gentler more compassionate way of beauty and balance and are finally willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Forgiveness is a big piece we are working with this month and in the months to come. The actual definition of forgiveness is to give way so something can be free to move forward. Without forgiveness there is no moving forward. To the extent that you are not able to forgive yourself or others for what “they have done to you”, “you have done to yourself, or, ”you have done to others”, you are holding yourself and others hostage and no one is free to move forward. We are in a time of tremendous potential for movement forward and the raising of consciousness but if we cannot forgive, we go nowhere.

What people do not realize is that the choice to not forgive can actually create karma. If you have the option and the opportunity to forgive something or someone and you do not take it, choosing instead to hold someone or something hostage in your expectation of a payback, you can create some karma for yourself in the withholding of that freedom. Some food for thought….

Forgiving something does not mean that you agree with it or condone it. The action or situation can still be very wrong, but forgiving it cuts it loose so that the energy of it is no longer attached to you.  You neutralize the charge so that you are no longer hooked into the debt of payback. Sometimes we hold onto old grudges for years and years and maybe even lifetimes, not even remembering exactly what started it. On a greater more global scale there is a need for forgiveness between countries, races, the masculine and the feminine.

Blame, grudges, judgement, hopelessness and depression are all symptoms of an inability to forgive. We hide behind the bad parents that did not love us the way they should have, or the boss that never saw our potential and wasted years of our talents, or the relationship that never gave us what we wanted, or all those that took advantage of us without the proper honor, payment or acknowledgement. These are all the logjams in our psyches that are keeping us at a lower vibration and from being free to move forward.

If you forgive those who “done you wrong”, you are not only freeing yourself but freeing them as well. And if you don’t truly forgive them, you may be stuck with them on the karmic wheel for future lifetimes. It is better to clean it up now.

This goes for situations as well. I was recently involved in a real “cluster” dealing with a large bank around a mortgage. I found myself in blame, anger, frustration, occasional rage, and conjuring up all kinds of ways I was going to make them “pay”. And then in a moment of clarity I thought, “I am just buying into this whole lower vibration of dysfunction and it is really no one’s “fault”. These people are just trying to do their job and no one really knows who to blame anymore. So I decided to forgive the situation, cut it loose and give it over to spirit. It is not resolved yet but it sure feels much better. There is a sense of freedom there and I am definitely functioning at a higher level of vibration.

The key to forgiveness is not to be attached to the outcome, reactions, or end result after you forgive. You don’t forgive your parents so that they will love you more, and you don’t forgive someone who has mistreated you so that they will change. You also don’t forgive yourself because someone else expects it of you. You forgive from the heart with no strings attached. Only in this way can you clear the decks for your own creativity to blossom and for spirit to bring you something new and wonderful.

Forgiveness is a tall order sometimes but easier than you think. Just remember that you cannot move forward unless you forgive and either can anyone else. This is not giving up, it is giving into the wisdom and maturity of becoming neutral about our past so that we can be free to create the future we want.


How the month shows up:



Sometimes the biggest challenge is to forgive ourselves for what we perceive to have done, not done, failed at, not lived up to, been blinded about, wrong about and irresponsible about. We worry about how we show up and whether we will make the grade. Our fears run us and we can sometimes despair about our inability to “fix” our lives.

Cut it loose, forgive it, let it die, release and move on. Self-judgment, self-pity and the attachment to the long suffering unsatisfied life of servitude just does not work anymore. Even if you are not as extreme as this in your experience of life, this is still a good month to evaluate where you are still blaming yourself or regretting something from the past; some decision or opportunity not taken. Forgive yourself now for all that is past and focus instead on your dreams and intentions for the future.

This is a good month for beauty. You may be inspired to create more beauty around you in your home, on your person and in your community. When you have been too focused on and burdened by the negative, it is difficult to tap into your own creative potential and to see the beauty all around you. This is a good month to remind yourself that there is beauty in the world and that if you can forgive what is not of beauty, true beauty will manifest.



This is a big area for forgiveness as relationships are usually at the core of resentment, blame and the attachment to an unforgiving attitude. Since we are moving as a planet into a time of relationships being more important than perhaps getting to the top of the heap no matter who you trample on the way up, it makes sense to look at forgiveness as a way to reset the foundation of how we relate to each other.

Intimate relationships, families and close friendships will be affected most by this opportunity for forgiving the past. Especially relationships that still carry deep wounds of betrayal, disappointment, abandonment, abuse, neglect, violence, oppression or control, be it from this life or a previous one, will have the opportunity to work with the energy of forgiveness as way to move past what keeps them from moving on. One of the biggies is the feminine forgiving the masculine and the masculine forgiving the feminine. This is a topic full of land mines and will be an ongoing theme for months and maybe years to come.

But we can start now by forgiving our own feminine and masculine within, allowing them both the freedom to get into balance with each other again.

Another big area is to forgive all the disappointments in your life having to do with your relationships and how they may not have shown up in the way you expected. Disappointed expectations are often at the bottom of most things unforgiven. Remember you cannot change anyone else. But if you forgive, you will surely free yourself and move to a better place.



For those of you who have struggled with any kind of physical issue, be it weight problems, discipline, chronic pain, injuries, chronic illness etc., this is a good month to forgive your body for the challenges and the lessons it has provided you with. If you find yourself irritated with the body and its function, remember that the body is an elemental and takes direction from you. If you forgive yourself and forgive your body, you have a chance for some new direction and a reset.

Especially those of you who struggle with addictions, self- destructive tendencies or greed, you need to be able to forgive yourself before you have the freedom to move on to a healthier experience of life. The body may go through periods of deep exhaustion this month due to the grueling pushy relentless energy of the last few months. We need some softness, compassion, understanding, acceptance and love.



There is not much to say this month about the environment except that the theme of forgiveness is one to be worked with in forgiving ourselves and others for what we have “done to the earth”. The same concept of not being free to move on is as true with regards to the environment as it is with a person. If we can forgive the whole situation, whatever we perceive to be the very negative aspect of unconscious choices and harm to the planet, we can free up some energy for creative solutions and moving forward in a good way.

Forgiving does not make it right or agree with or condone any action. It simply clears the way for something new to come in so we are not looking at the same old problems with no response but anger and negativity.

If you have been remiss in taking care of your own environment, forgive yourself for that and then make a new commitment to improve this tending in the future.



This is a very good month for businesses and partnerships to spend some extra time communicating, clearing the air, collaborating on good ideas and stimulating each other’s creativity and expansion. It is an expansive time and it can be taken advantage of provided you forgive whatever may have been an obstacle in the past to that expansion and movement. Perhaps there was someone in your business that is no longer there that you need to forgive for their part in something not working well. Or perhaps there were some bad decisions made that have affected your productivity or abundance. Rather than dwelling on or resenting or regretting, forgive it instead and be inspired by what is possible now.  Focus on what is working, on the beauty and the blossoming of your projects and ideas.

It is a good time to start something you have been dreaming up for a while.  See if there is something you need to forgive first.



November 1-7: The theme of completion around the New Moon on October 30 is still influencing us this week. Some completions are easier than others and some will require forgiveness as part of the letting go. What are you still working on completing? In the New Moon update we mentioned working with Death as an ally to give some permanence to your completions. The Spirit of Death is a powerful ally that can also help you to forgive.

Death brings about the ultimate freedom from all the lessons and experiences of the physical plane. When someone leaves the planet it is often easier to forgive them. Once they are gone it is harder to hold them hostage to some expectation of them somehow righting the wrongs or providing a pay back. Using the Spirit of Death as an ally can assist you in adding a finality and permanence to your forgiveness of people and situations especially ones from many years past.

Use this week to identify what you are still needing to complete for yourself and if forgiveness is in the picture, add it into the mix.

For those of you in Daylight Savings Time zones, remember to set your clocks back one hour at 2am on Sunday, November 6 to reset to Standard Time.


November 8-15: This is a good week to nurture and take care of both your physical and emotional body. We are desperate for relief from stress, anxiety and our own worries. Notice what is falling into place in your life and what is supporting you. Practice gratitude for who you are, what is coming in to support you, your physical body and all the opportunities you have in life to be creative and in love.

For some, this time frame may bring a feeling of depression or low energy. This is the body’s way of saying “slow down and take some time to assimilate all the stimulation you have been thrown these past months. If you have been working too hard with no time for yourself or your practices, forgive yourself for it. If others are a part of this too, forgive them as well.

It is a good week for contemplating what is changing in your life, what needs to change in your life, and what you need to forgive yourself for. It is OK to take something off your plate and relax a little. Allow yourself to heal in whatever form that needs to take. Forgiveness is probably a part of it.


November 14: Full Moon is Monday, November 14 at 6:52 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is a good moon to anchor and ground a new vision. It may even be something that has percolated just under the surface of your conscious mind, and now suddenly you have some clarity about it. It is an expansive, inspired time where you actually may be able to see how something you thought improbable is suddenly very possible. This will inspire you, uplift you and bring some positivity to your day.


November 17-22: In this time frame we are likely to face our own fears. Who are we without our suffering?  There is resistance to change that is irrational. Even if we have the opportunity to make changes that will enlighten and free us from the prison of our emotional debt, we hesitate to embrace the unknown. We would rather stay with what is known even if it is full of suffering and not at all fun. Why forgive when we are so attached to our wounds and what others “owe us”?

So we complain and are confused and know we need to do something but cannot quite get the clarity or the motivation to follow through. This is a volatile time. We could have some emotional and physical upheaval in the world and in our own lives. It is important to stay grounded during this time period and to know what your priorities are. Work with the concept of courage as you contemplate forgiveness. Have the courage to forgive something big, and big change could follow.


November 23-30: We have the opportunity here to uncover some more of our wounding and to forgive it. This could come about through crisis or aggressive energy that pushes something up and out of us to be forgiven and released.  It could be a painful time of healing but euphoric at the same time as the awareness of something big and expansive hits our center of truth. We are moving as a planet from a paradigm of senseless action to one of mature wisdom as our base of operations. This is a frequency shift, a change of vibration that requires a whole new energetic ‘wiring”.

Old attachments, especially to suffering, are no longer congruent with this new vibration. We may experience fear when we cannot identify clearly who we are as we are in transition as a human race. During this time frame we may have more questions than answers but if we just keep forgiving whatever and whenever we can, we will accelerate the change.

November 29: New Moon is Tuesday, November 29 at 5:19AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is an important moon for building community, sharing yourself with others and not holding back on your unique self-expression. It is a good day to anchor a commitment to learn something new or to pursue a new area of interest or a new relationship. Anything that you put into motion today gets some juice for gathering support.

It is not a day to be alone, secretive or asocial. Share yourself and enjoy the company of others even if it is just reaching out for a few moments.


Have a great month!


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