The Theme for February is Committed Choice – Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci

As we enter February we encounter good influences that will take your choices and decisions and feed them with some momentum allowing for action, manifestation and flow. There are two elements that are necessary for this to happen: Commitment and discipline. Commitment to the choices and decisions you have made will ensure that you get the most out of them. It is a message to spirit that you are truly serious about what you have chosen and intended, what you desire and wish for.

This is not a month to be sitting on the fence or to regret your choices or to think the grass is greener on the other side. This is a time to be committed to your life and the choices you have made in a way that leaves no room for ambivalence and no back door. This will be challenging for those that have difficulty with commitment, tend to change your minds frequently, have a need for freedom, or never trust yourself and your own intuition. The best choices are often made from a place of “knowing” that has nothing to do with the rational mind but more to do with the intuition of the heart.

The themes for 2016 support developing and trusting your intuition. Work with this theme by questioning the motivation behind your choices. Were they made to please someone else? Were they made from a place of fear? Or did you choose based on an inner knowing that it was the right choice?

(For more on the influences for 2016, get TRENDS 2016)

You may need to revisit some of the choices you are entering this month with to see if you are in the right place with them. This also refers to choices you may have made to feel a certain way around what has happened to you over the past couple of months. Everything is a choice. You can choose to feel angry, victimized, vengeful, trapped, inadequate, depressed and resentful, or you can choose to be accepting, inspired, hopeful, resilient, flexible, grateful and trusting. The key here is to infuse your choice with a level of commitment, as COMMITMENT is the energy that the influences of February will grab onto and work with.

Where does Discipline fit in?

Discipline is what you will need to insure the commitment stays in place. If you signed up for yoga classes and paid your money and put it on your calendar, you have committed. The discipline is that you actually have to attend the classes to receive the benefits. If you have committed to your choice to leave a relationship that you know has ended, the discipline is to follow through with what it takes to do that. The discipline may also include not listening to the rational arguments of the mind or of others mental arguments, and to follow your own intuition around a choice you may have made that “does not make rational sense”.

You will be tested this month. Especially around the new moon and full moon times, the energy may be a bit squirrely causing you to question and revisit your own motivations. More than ever these times will require the discipline of follow through on your commitments. The rewards will be great and you will definitely feel a momentum empowering your intentions if you are committed.

The opportunity for making committed choices will be ongoing throughout the month giving you plenty of chances to anchor new directions, new relationships, new ways of showing up and new bids for power. Once you have committed to your choice, it will gather momentum and support you in moving forward.

There is an aspect to the month that continues to place the unexpected in front of us at unexpected times. This can support change or it can throw you off your focus. Be flexible and resilient and incorporate whatever is new into your plan instead of resisting it. Chances are it will only enhance and motivate something wonderful. We are still not able to “see around the corner” so much of the month requires trust that everything is moving in the right direction.

How the month shows up


Who are you? This is the big question this month. You have an opportunity to explore yourself in new ways and commit to choosing what is important to you regardless of what others may think. One of the most important choices you may need to make is around how much of other people’s energy and drama you are still willing to carry. How much of your old story are you willing to hold on to? What are you willing to give up to finally lead the life you always wanted?

These are big serious questions and processes and you may need to get some help to dig through the layers of what is “not you” in order to reclaim your authentic self. But first you must make a committed choice that this is important to you and that you are willing to be disciplined about what it takes to get there. You have a lot of support and if you choose wisely, you will be rewarded.

The tests may come in the form of energy leaks, distractions, doubts, and unexpected events that threaten to throw you off course. Take a deep breath and trust your choices and your commitment. They will pay off.



This is a powerful month for relationships. Choices to begin, to end, to commit, to change, to restructure, are all on the table. It is a good month to finally end those relationships that have been in a completion cycle way beyond their useful time. This will take a committed choice and if you are still on the fence about a relationship, it may become clear during one of the “testing” times which way you need to choose. Make sure you trust your intuition rather than the arguments of your rational mind.

On the other hand, this is a great time to anchor and commit to relationship choices around cooperative endeavors, projects, collaborations, groups, and community. It is a great time for new connections, new friends and new romantic interests (provided you complete the old ones first). Open yourself up to trusting new support and find the inspiration and excitement in reaching out towards others in a new way.

Perhaps the most important committed choices will be around the relationship with yourself. What committed choices will you make this month to better take care of yourself, to improve yourself in some way, to honor yourself, to support yourself, to heal yourself, and to love yourself?



The commitment here is for better self-care. Those of you who have experienced recent health issues and/or physical set backs, this month gives you the opportunity to improve your situation. If you are committed to improvement, the support for it will show up. You will meet the right people, find the right program, and connect with the right solutions.

The physical body needs a regular discipline this month. There is a lot of energy that has been log-jammed from last month’s retrograde cycle and it needs to be expressed. Walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, exercise class, or any physical movement of the body that is regular and disciplined will help to ground you as well as provide a good container for manifesting your intentions that you have commitment to.

If you have been putting off medical or dental procedures, this is the month to commit to scheduling them. Put yourself first.

The challenges health wise are more psychological and emotional than they are physical. The physical choices will be clearer and more straightforward. The psychological and emotional ones are in murkier territory and more difficult to get clarity on. Trust your intuition and your heart. You “know” what is right and what is good for you and what is not.



This is a good month for general commitments to the environment. Look for positive initiatives to finally get votes, for politicians to voice “commitments” to the environment and for individuals to make choices and commitments around recycling, use of water, green building, and other more conscious practices.

There is also the commitment to take care of your own environment such as choosing practices that will enhance where you live and work. Some of you may be faced with choices around relocation. Perhaps you have been ambivalent about a necessary move and have been procrastinating making that choice. This is the month to make that choice. If you do, the universe will support you provided you have truly committed.

Weather patterns continue to be unpredictable from one day to the next and extremes are possible. Be flexible and accepting in your plans as well as in your attitude. Think of moving out towards and into the power of the storm to collect some of its energy rather than resisting, hiding and resenting how your plans have changed.



This is an excellent month to put into some kind of action plan and committed intention ideas and inspirations you may have had over the past couple of months. Especially if you can involve a collaboration and partnership with others, the momentum of the month will support your commitment to explore something new.

If you have a business that has been going through changes, restructuring and a reset, this month you can commit to the choices that were involved in those changes. It could be a very busy month that will yield much success if you are disciplined about showing up and doing what it takes.

Projects that are important for the right reasons will get support and show momentum and progress. There may be times you feel overwhelmed with the momentum and the chaos of the “test” times but remember to get support and help from others. This is a time when doing it alone is no longer viable.



February 1-7: This is a time of questioning, choosing, committing and making plans. What is important? What is not important? What needs to be completed before I move on? What relationship does not serve? Where should I put my energy? What idea keeps coming back around, looking for support? What do I need to do to take better care of myself? How can I be more disciplined?

Make an inventory of your answers, look for the choices they provide and then make a plan to commit to the choices that you do end up making based on your insights. This is an internal time where you are anchoring and grounding the resets of January by actually choosing what is happening or wanting to happen in your life. As we approach the new moon time, if you feel scattered or chaotic or confused about what you should be choosing or doing, look to synchronicity, where you are being supported and where the energy wants to flow.

February 8: New Moon is Monday, February 8 at 7:40 AM Mountain Time (MST). The time around this moon can be testy especially around unexpected events and changes you did not plan on. This is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year and we are entering the year of the fire monkey. The monkey is one of the allies for the year and can be helpful if used well. (For more on the monkey as an ally, get TRENDS 2016)

Make sure to honor this New Moon with a commitment to your intentions by making an action plan of disciplines that will support your choices.

February 8-14: This is a time period of manifestation and movement. There is palpable momentum in all areas of you life and you can witness things coming together with ease and grace where you have committed choices provided they are for the right reasons. Be disciplined during this time to keep choosing from your intuition and your heart. Trusting that spirit is handing you the right thing at the right time will go a long way in supporting your commitments.

If you have periods of doubt and frustration it is likely to be related to something not being in resonance with you. You may experience the resistance of others around some choice or decision you are making for yourself. Remember others may be attached to your story as well, especially if they have a big role in it.

If you are in the fallout of some unexpected event or situation, accept it as an opportunity to strengthen and empower your own path in an unexpected way.

February 14: Happy Valentines Day! Make sure you put yourself at the top of the list of important recipients of your attention and love. Spend it with important community members and loved ones that have your best interests at heart.

February 15-21: This is a time of much processing, reshuffling, refining and fine-tuning. By this time you should be seeing, feeling and experiencing where your choices are taking you and whether or not the disciplines and action plans need some refining. There may be some culling or releasing of what you realize is not working for you. If it has been a struggle way beyond a normal discipline, chances are that the choice needs to be changed or refined or eliminated.

This time period will require patience, forgiveness, acceptance and trust. Stay out of regret, judgment and blame. If something or someone is truly not working out, let it or them go and move on. Beware of the temptation to hold on to something that is not right just because you have put a lot of energy and time and possibly even money into it. The freedom you will have in letting go and the energy you will have to put into a new choice and commitment will far outweigh any past investment.

February 22: Full Moon is Monday, February 22 at 11:20 AM Mountain Time (MST). This full moon provides an opportunity to be proud of your accomplishments and your disciplined commitments. If you are faced with situations that test your choices, remember to be true to yourself and to put your own self-care first.

This full moon may also bring something unexpected. You can be proactive with the unexpected by expecting the unexpected to be supportive, inspiring, exciting and new.

February 22-29: Look for ideas, efforts, projects, and anything new that you have been focused on or working with through your committed choices to be well supported during this time frame. It is also a time for manifesting, clarity and greater ease around daily tasks and action plans. There is great synchronicity possible and it is suggested that you also do something to support higher centered experiences.

Be around beauty and inspiration as much as possible and give yourself somewhat of a break from the hard and disciplined work you have committed to doing. Do something fun and enriching for yourself, be with others that inspire you, and spend parts of your day enjoying the simple things in life.

If you are feeling just the opposite of support, ease, inspiration and clarity, you need to go back and revisit whether your choices were made from the right motivation and for the right reasons. It is never too late to make a change.

Have a great month,


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