The Theme for June is ADAPTABILITY – Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci

We have been put through the paces, initiated into the unknown, forced to trust (May’s theme) and are now facing our own resistance to change and evolution. This month we will get to experience that resistance is futile and stems only from our own fears of the unknown and our attachment to what we know. It is time to adapt to what is actually happening and to where the energy wants to flow.

You do not have to like some of the things that are happening, you just have to stop resisting them. Resistance requires a lot of energy that can be better spent elsewhere. This is a choice. If you really embraced the lessons around trust last month, you should find yourself in a place of greater acceptance and flexibility. Resistance is fear based and usually accompanied by negative emotions such as anger, martyrdom, judgment, resentment and blame. It can cause depression and anxiety negating inspiration, enthusiasm and your zest for life.

Adaptability is the ability to take a current situation or circumstance that is either unfamiliar or somehow unacceptable, and instead of resisting or blocking it, accepting and allowing it through your own choice. Instead of putting all of your energy into resistance and judgment, choose instead to put it into being resourceful and proactive in any situation. Many of you have had to deal with unexpected situations that have thrown you off your balance and known ways of living your life. Some of you have already needed to adapt to changes not of your choosing. Choice is the key, as it will keep you out of martyrdom and resistance.

When you can be proactive with your choice to accept and be flexible, the universe opens more possibilities for you. Instead of focusing on the door that is closing, look around you at all the ones that are opening. The more flexible and accepting you can be, the more resourceful you will be with an easier time adjusting and adapting to current situations. We have a lot of movement this month and those of you who are attached to controlling how things go, will definitely have to let go of that control. The trust theme of May follows us into this month and will be around as a reminder to turn what you do not understand over to spirit rather than to be overly obsessive.

We are in an accelerated time of evolution and transformation. We are adjusting to a new paradigm and although it may not seem like it based on all the negative happenings in the world, we are actually moving forward in the larger picture. How you navigate this month will determine how well you can migrate into the new paradigm without excruciating growing pains. So drop your resistance and adapt to what is now, what is new, what is gone, and what is coming. If you focus on your choice to be resourceful instead of fearful, you will rekindle your enthusiasm and inspiration for what could be instead of feeding the fear, which is an illusion anyway.

Adaptability supports seeing opportunity in every challenge. If you feel beaten down by recent events, get back up, shake yourself off, and choose to continue to move forward. If things do not happen the way you planned or if your plans get changed, be flexible, resilient and accepting. Instead of stewing about how it did not work out, adjust and adapt to something new. It is a great month for stepping into anything new; a new routine, a new relationship, a new project, or a new look. Make sure you are choosing it proactively as you adapt to new energies and resourceful ways of moving forward.

We are not going back. Evolution only goes in one direction. The increase in energy and complexity is here to stay. So you can adapt or you can suffer. Your choice.


How the month shows up



This is a great month to honor personal change. Whatever has been internalized over the past few months has a possibility for outward manifestation this month. For example, if you have been working on better health, your health could outwardly improve this month. If you have been dreaming about starting a new area of study or a new project, you could have both the resources and the support for actually getting started.

The growing pains of your recent personal growth will also subside as you begin to show up in the world, well adapted to the transformation. Expect sudden changes to continue and be prepared to be flexible, accepting and resourceful. As you continue to trust, make sure you are also doing practices that keep your energy positive and your frequency as high as possible. Beware of matching others who are struggling and remember that you cannot take away someone else’s pain or do their growth for them. Be the light and be the example. Focus on the fun and the magic of life as you adapt to what is here and coming.

Most of all be inspired by what’s new instead of regretting the past. It is time to put your creativity and inspiration first and to calendar time for yourself doing what you love to do. Others will adapt.



The most important relationship this month is the relationship with yourself. It is a great month to reflect on who you are, what you need, what you desire, what you have been putting up with, what needs to change, and how and where you need to adapt in order to live more fully and authentically. Once you make your choices and set your intentions, then others will need to adapt to them. This is the hard part as there may be relationships that are unable or unwilling to adapt to your choices. Beware of overly compromising based on the fear of loss. Stay true to yourself no matter what the consequence. This month there is good support for being authentic and for moving forward in a new way.

There also may be relationships that evolve with you as well as new ones that drop in suddenly and feel like you have known them your whole life. In times of great change there is often a shake up and an acceleration of people connecting for agreements, karma and exchange. Don’t resist. Be accepting but proactive at the same time. People you have not seen or spoken with for many years may cycle back around into your field either for a completion of something karmic or a renewal of your connection from a new platform. So if you suddenly start thinking of someone from your past, reach out to them. It may be important.



It’s a good month for health as long as you keep things moving. It will be helpful to change it up a bit and to try new approaches to supporting your health and well- being. You will also get a lot of mileage out of taking some quality time for yourself to nurture not only your physical body but also your spiritual foundation. Whatever you do this month to support your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being will bring you great results and have far reaching effects. Focus and discipline will help you adapt to new routines and helpful practices. Good health and well-being is not automatic. You do need to put some energy and effort into it and to trust that if you do, you will see results.

Resistance and fear can affect the body. Resistance in the body feels weighty and burdensome. Fear will trigger anxiety and depression. So if you feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious, depressed, lethargic, uninspired, resentful or angry, you are in resistance fueled by our fears. Drop the resistance, come into acceptance, and you will feel better and adapt more easily.

The other possibility this month for the physical body is to experience its ability for accelerated healing, miracles and performance. The body is capable of much more than we believe possible or that we credit it for. Try some “what if” questions this month related to your physical capabilities, health, energy levels and healing ability and see what happens. Remember to keep adapting to new situations physically as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



The environment is perhaps our greatest teacher for adapting to change. There is nothing like an environmental crisis to bring people together in an exercise of resourcefulness and adaptability. Weather continues to be extreme and unpredictable fueling crisis situations. Adapt your plans and schedule according to what the weather and environment may be dictating. You cannot change the weather but you do have a choice to adapt.

Adapt your personal immediate environment to any personal change you are experiencing or implementing especially if it will support a new dream. For example, you may redecorate or reorganize a room to support a new hobby or project important to you. You should feel a lot of energy and enthusiasm for these kinds of upgrades and changes.

In the greater environment, we can expect more wind, solar flares and dramatic events such as rock slides, earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and storms.



Expect changes, handle crisis creatively and adapt where and what you need to. This is an excellent month to regroup, restructure, reinvent and reorganize. You will have the inspiration as well as the energy to think proactively, hopefully somewhat out of the box, and to adapt to new goals and desires as needed. Be open to new suggestions and unexpected opportunities.

If you are hitting a wall with a project or work situation let it rest for a while and then approach it from a different angle where it can be adapted to a new opportunity. You may also be able to see it more objectively as an old energy that needs to be let go. If you need to let something go, you can trust that another door will open that is better aligned and adapted to where you need to be at this time.

Restructuring may include schedules, finances, support people, the work itself and may also include taking a risk with trying something new. You will definitely be inspired to reorganize your space, throw away old outdated files, upgrade equipment and relationships where you need to and restart old tired projects with new energy.



June 1-7: A good time frame to look at anywhere you may have resistance to change. It is also a good time to observe where you may be reacting negatively to where the energy wants to go. Stop, regroup, accept, and intend to be adaptable with ease and grace. You may be faced with some opportunities that can feel overwhelming but chances are they are the right thing for you at this time. Take a deep breath, ask spirit for help and clarity and go for the risk. You have lots of support.

If you have any resistance, make a conscious effort to allay your fears through trust. Fear is never justified and no decision should be made from a place of fear. If you are faced with decisions, make them from a place of adventure, enthusiasm and inspiration knowing you always have the support of your allies.


June 4: New Moon is Saturday June 4, at 9:02 PM MDT. This is a marker of choice. Look at all the choices you have, have made or are in the process of making and observe how and what you are choosing. Are you choosing from fear or are you choosing from a place of courage, confidence and certainty? Are your choices for you or are they compromised towards someone else? Are your choices made from a place of reaction or are you being proactive with your own desires and goals?

This new moon is an internal time to process personal issues so if you are around a lot of others make sure you take some individual time to honor the new moon and what it can support you with.


June 8-15: Are you suffering? If so, you are not adapting very well. Embrace the fact that this new paradigm, this new energy with all of its complexity and pressure is here to stay. Practice acceptance during this time and find humor in your own process. This is a time when people from the past may surface. If you have karma to complete, or someone that wants to reconnect, this would be a good time to do it.

This is also a great time to do some restructuring of your schedule, goals, relationships, environment or work. Take a risk, try something new and don’t be afraid to eliminate what no longer works in your life. Focus on the doors that are likely to open instead of what is closing.

It is important that as you adapt to whatever the current situation is, you do it with acceptance, inspiration and enthusiasm. Make sure you have practices that keep your frequency as high as possible and stay away from the negativity of others. You will find there is a lot of projection being thrown around as others may be having a difficult time adapting. Don’t take it personally. It is not your problem.


June 16-22: This is a powerful time, the most powerful of the month. Take advantage of it by being proactive with adapting and proactive with your intentions. Embrace any challenge as an opportunity for change and improvement. We are likely to see some dramatic world events, weather phenomena and interesting crises during this time. All of it points to change and transformation.

This is also the time frame where sudden events and unexpected situations can occur, giving you an opportunity to be flexible and accepting. Use the energy to fuel something you desire instead of running from it out of fear. As the solstice and full moon approach, get focused and organized about some way you will harness the tremendous force and energy of this time.


June 20: Full Moon and Summer Solstice. Once every 30+ years, the Summer Solstice and Full moon fall on the same day. This is a rare and powerful event and should be well honored. The Full Moon is at 5:02 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) and brightest the night of the 19th. The Summer Solstice is at 4:34 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time).

Take advantage of this powerful energy and celebrate something in your life that you have accomplished. It could be a completion, a decision, a project, a commitment, a new beginning or the achievement of some goal. This is also a social time for gatherings, community events and cooperative participation. Make sure that during this time you stay focused on the positive, on the doors that are opening, and on the potential, instead of dwelling on any fear, resistance, judgment or negativity. What you put your energy and focus on will grow in this fertile time so make sure it is what you want. Allow yourself to be supported by your community and your friends and be willing to receive all that is positive that is available to you.


June 23-31: There are some wonderful aspects during this time that will reward you for your efforts and any energy you have put into your health, your relationships, your business and your creative projects. If you are suffering from lethargy or depression, get something moving. There is lots of support during this time for completions and beginnings. You will need to be mature in how you choose which is which. Sometimes there is a completion before a beginning around the same situation especially if there is karma involved.

If you are on the right track you should feel different, trusting, relaxed about the future, inspired by your life and excited by the opportunities that you have or will be creating for yourself. This is an expansive time. Adapt into it or suffer the consequences of resistance, small thinking and negative emotions.


Have a great month and be sure to have some fun!


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