*Teacher Feature* Interview with Caitlin Varrin

by Nanci

Caitlin Varrin is full of spunk and spreads her positivity, laughter, and great sense of humor where ever she goes. She is a devoted teacher who shows her love and true colors not only in the classroom but to all she comes in contact with. Through the influence of music, art, dance, and fellow instructors, Caitlin finds her voice and we are proud to have her teaching alongside her dear friend, Graham Parsons, on our Smitten with Life Yoga Retreat this Nov.13-23 in Nicaragua in partnership with Yogalife Studios!

Learn more here about Caitlin, and her path and perception as a teacher:

-How did you find yoga?

I was ready for “brand new” in my life so I decided to apply for a position at lululemon, a store I had never stepped foot in that boasted this lifestyle I was unfamiliar with. Best decision of my life. My first class was at Lion’s Breath Yoga and I was hooked from the start. As someone who was experiencing nearly daily panic attacks and a sense of zero control on things, it was amazing to learn that everything I ever wanted or needed was actually right in me. Soon I was able to come to that inward place of quiet and control and I’ve really never looked back. When it is needed, I will panic or experience the rollercoaster, and that’s ok too (another lovely teaching of this essential part of my life).

-What is yoga?

I like to think that yoga exists in many forms. Essentially, anything that you mindfully spend your attention on, accompanied by breath, is a form of the practice. I always gently correct friends that say “oh I can’t do yoga” because it is important for them to know that when they read, ride their bike, sing, dance, write, take a bath, cook, clean, whatever… they are indeed practicing yoga! Yoga is many things – a creative way to care for yourself, a teacher that wakes you up and lets you feel, your support system, your ocean, your family.

Oh, and stretching feels nice too.

-What to you is the most essential quality in a teacher?

Unwavering kindness and humility: the same qualities as being a sweet human.

-As a teacher, what is the core of your message?

Fall as deep in love with yourself as you possibly can and then radiate that out to everyone and everything. Understand why things are happening but don’t get too bogged by it. Listen. Watch.

I generally allow the experiences of my personal life guide how and why I’m teaching so my direct themes may be quite varied. At the heart of it all though, LOVE.

-What are the biggest challenges yoga has brought you?

Teaching and re-teaching myself that I am worthy of all of this. Feeling secure in this role amongst so many amazing teachers and letting myself understand that I am one too. We are all worthy of whatever we are achieving! Sometimes it’s just hard to see it clearly.

-What is your favorite place on earth?

On a dance floor with my friends. Preferably in San Francisco but I’m not picky.




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