The Theme for January is FLEXIBLE PERSISTENCE – Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci

We have some interesting traits to work with in 2017, one being the mode of Perseverance/Aggression, and another, the theme of Flexibility. We have the challenge of Stubbornness, and the potential chaos of the obsessive, overactive mind as we move into a more intellectually centered time. This configuration gives us a tremendous opportunity this month to learn how to use what is available in a positive and constructive way.

January is always a month where we set our new resolutions, create new intentions and goals, and get inspired by what we can do differently. Change is welcome and there is a sense of another chance to reset our lives and manifest what we want. Even though we may be entering this new year from a place of resistance and disappointment, it is important to see the opportunity we have to reset our personal lives despite what is happening “out there”.

What is “Flexible Persistence?”

The mode of Aggression is a tough one to do well. It is paired with Perseverance which in the negative can easily go into Stubbornness. We have all witnessed negative expressions of both Aggression and Perseverance and this can create some resistance to embracing them as useful allies.

Aggression is a strong energy that is focused on a person, a goal or a task. If you throw a ball with aggression, it will go farther than if you don’t. There is a positive way to use the energy of aggression by putting it behind your intentions and tasks. It helps you focus and gives your task an extra boost.

Perseverance is being persistent and not giving up, but one needs to persist for the right reasons. It is not fruitful to persevere about something just to be right or to be stubborn or to try and force another to do something they don’t wish to do. Being persistent is sticking with a plan or an intention because you know it is the right thing. As you review your hearts desires and intentions this month, be aware of what is important to you and what you can put some perseverance and aggression behind.

Where does Flexibility fit in? Flexibility is a theme for 2017 and will affect just about everything. The discipline around flexibility is not getting attached to HOW things will manifest. If you are clear about what you want and put some positive persistence behind it without giving up, the flexibility piece is what will allow it to manifest in unpredictable and unexpected ways. Where one door closes another will open. Just make sure you have broad enough vision to see all doors so you don’t miss out on the one that is open.

Here is a little story to describe “flexible persistence”.

A person was in the process of buying a used car. After searching the internet, they narrowed it down to a vehicle in a different state and were negotiating with the dealership. Coming to an agreement, the person excitedly bought a plane ticket to go pick up the car with a driving adventure in mind. Finance papers were filled out, money was organized. Then a piece of information surfaced that was a deal breaker, a hidden cost that was unavoidable in that city. The plans fell apart, the airline ticket was cancelled and the purchaser came to terms with not buying that particular car. The “flexible persistence” was the willingness to give it up, not to go into stubbornness or disappointment, and to be persistent in starting the search over because getting the right car was the ultimate goal. However, the dealer had some “flexible persistence” of their own and came up with a creative solution that made it possible to complete the purchase even saving the purchaser some time and effort. Each side had to change plans and give up a little bit from the original negotiation but it all ended well and better than expected.

This month provides us a great opportunity to practice being clear, focused, persistent and aggressive while being flexible at the same time. It’s a tall order but it will build the resilience we need for being as adaptable and creative as we can for taking charge of our own future.

How the month shows up:


Where have you been too weak in your persistence? Where have you been too rigid? Do you feel you know what you want or do you too easily get influenced by others? This month there is great opportunity to strengthen your own clarity, commitment and will. Begin the month by setting new resolutions for yourself that include lots of room for spontaneous and unexpected experiences. It is a good month to think outside the box and not to take anything at face value. Know what you don’t want, then know what you want, and be persistent but flexible about how it comes about.

The need for expansion (one of the needs of 2017) hits all of us in different areas of our lives this month. You may find that several of your containers for work or relationships or practices begin to feel small and you may be inspired to bring in some new energy. Personally this is a great month to reset your own priorities and discipline yourself against being influenced by others against your own desires. Watch for stubbornness as well as negative expressions of aggression both in yourself and in others. Don’t react, just keep your eyes on your own goals.


A good month for courting new relationships that you know are worth putting time and energy into. Be flexible in what you allow in but watch for unwanted aggression. It’s OK to say no and to set your own boundaries. If you have dreams or goals that include relationships, be open and flexible around how and where something may manifest for you. Expect the unexpected.

The best way to persist in what you want is to identify what areas of your life you would like supported by your relationships. Your persistent intentions should come from a desire to fill that support. Never set expectations on a specific person but rather that your needs will be filled by the relationships you draw in.

One of the needs of the year is Exchange. You will be drawn to relationships where you feel there is a real exchange of energy to fit your needs and desires. Set your intentions to include fun, new experiences and an expanded sense of love and self-worth.


The very fabric of our foundational patterns is being rewoven into something new that we are not yet quite aware of. But our bodies are getting a sense of it. Some of us have been struggling with immune issues, back problems, and quirky joints as well as digestive problems. The body is as much challenged as the mind and emotions are during times of energetic turbulence.

It is very important this month that you find a discipline that supports your health on all levels and be persistent in your quest for improved wellness. A good exercise routine, good dietary practices, and paying attention to what your body needs will make a big difference this month between simply holding up and actually improving your overall health. The flexibility is in not being too rigid or stubborn about your schedule. Leave some room for spontaneity and for new ideas and influences.


As above so below. All the challenges that the environment faces out there in the world are also symbolic of the challenges that your own inner environment faces. Pay attention to what you react to and see its correlation to something in your own life. You will be able to relate to almost anything. For example, if it is pollution, what have you allowed to be polluted in your own environment? This can be literal or energetic. Does it bother you when others don’t recycle? How are you at recycling your own past lessons and experiences?

On a literal note, January is always a great month to take care of your own environment, cleaning, filing, eliminating, upgrading and recycling the old. Change it up by moving something around or getting rid of an old piece of furniture. Be flexible about what may want to come in to support you but persistent in your goals and disciplined to keep your environment at a certain standard.



January 1-7: We are in a time that bounces back and forth between being inspired, slightly overwhelmed, hopeful, discouraged, worried, resigned, impatient, cranky and content. One day we are feeling like everything will work out, the next we are hit with anxiety and frustration. This is a good time frame for working off practical task lists and eliminating unnecessary commitments. Scale down your social output of energy and take care of business at home. Find something every day to be inspired about and keep your enthusiasm up.

Even as we migrate towards a more calculating and mental influence, there will still be waves of sentimentality and emotion passing through us. Don’t dwell on what is lost but rather on what you can create, improve and love. Anchor something important during this time that you can practice flexible persistence around.  Mercury is still retrograde so be patient with the timing of things.


January 8-15: We feel like we are in transition and don’t really know if things are working out or not. It is challenging to have good points of reference when everything feels like a new experience. This is where flexibility can be an ally as long as you keep your eyes on the greater goals of your heart. Keep a don’t know mind whenever possible and focus on the bigger picture. Anything is possible, try not to be stubborn. It is only a reaction of fear. Be willing to change and adjust and modify and fine tune. Discernment is helpful when you are faced with decisions you don’t have enough information about. Use your intuition and make sure your persistence is well placed.


January 12: Full Moon is Thursday, January 12 at 4:34 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). We recognize that home is important, security is important, creativity is important and community is important. We are yearning for something outrageous and wonderful and magical and eccentric to happen in our lives, something to lift us up and inspire us to be better, to take the next step and to leave anything of a lower frequency behind. Spend a little time contemplating magic and your ability to create miracles.


January 16-22: We are finally in a time this month where we can grab more inspiration and feel a bit more grounded. This is a social time where exchange with others in your community is really helpful. There is great learning that can be experienced from others and you may begin to see things in your life in a different light. Progress still seems to come in fits and starts but the inspiration is key to keeping your spirits high and your eye on the goal.

Don’t be afraid of being a little more aggressive with what you know is right and what you desire for yourself.

Because this time frame has a bit more energy to it, you may experience more aggression around you, some positive, some not so much. Stay away from the news if you can and don’t worry about what others are doing, just what you need to focus on to live your life the way you want.


January 23-31: This could be a very prickly time as we begin to work with the goal of discrimination for the year which can be very rejecting. Make sure you are not rejecting something out of a fear reaction but rather because you are being discerning about what works for you and what does not. As we approach the New Moon on the 27th think of being innovative, inventive and thinking outside the box. Whenever you are feeling like things are not moving the way you want them to, ask for some new guidance, a new view, a new vision or a new change. Be brave, be resourceful and take a risk.

January 27: New Moon is Friday, January 27 at 5:07 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). A good time to revisit and refine some of what you have been persisting with to see if it needs more or less flexibility. What has been unexpected? What has been a surprise? Where have you been resistant? Where have you been stubborn? What do you need to let go of? How can you better support what is important to you?

Redefine and reset. Be flexible and persistent. It will pay off!

Have a great month!


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