*Teacher Feature* Introducing Sarah Zandbeek

by Nanci


Sarah has taught yoga for 6 years and is well studied in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture; She teaches and lives for the Art of Healing.

A poet and philosopher at heart Sarah is often buried deep in a book with a cup of something steamy; her loves are Alan Watts, Rilke, Hafiz, Rumi, Marianne Williamson, and David Whyte. Though known for being a bit sassy, super geeky, a dancer, a laugher, and a lover of music, Sarah spends a lot of time in silent solitude harnessing the capacity for a deeper intimacy with life. Having a chameleon and sponge-like quality she can fit into any scene and pull information from all sources, combining them together into mystical love, anatomical, physiological, and energetic magic.
Her yoga classes hold a steady energetic pulse, while shifting the rhythms of the physical body to begin peeling the mind open to the understanding that we choose how we feel and experience each moment. Sarah’s intention is always to aid in the healing process and her understanding of the energetic body creates a space for deep release and a return home to the vibration of Truth.
Check out her website – www.sarahzandbeek.com
Follow her on instagram – @theszee

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