Refine to Reveal : An Interview with Suzanne Faith

by Nanci

Photo by Jon Chiang

For Suzanne’s upcoming Refine to Reveal 300hr Teacher Training in London, each faculty member was asked to answer a few key questions about them; here are her answers.

Why do you teach yoga?

The teachings of yoga have taught me to embrace every aspect of myself and humanity, which has been incredibly healing and empowering. As a result, there is a deep yearning inside for me to guide people into their own innate strength and healing power. Teaching yoga requires an expression of my highest: the seat of a teacher commands an openness, humility and integrity. Therefore, teaching yoga requires me to be a committed student. Finally, teaching yoga is incredibly comprehensive and multidisciplinary, which has allowed me to integrate my background within education, biomedicine, psycho-social research, spirituality and counselling.

Who are your teachers? 

My husband and children are my primary teachers as they stand next to me with an unwavering love reflecting back to me areas that lack awareness. My personal practices and interactions with others also provide potent awakenings. Sally Kempton is currently my primary meditation and philosophy instructor, along with Dr. Douglas Brooks, Kabir Helminksi and Thrangu Rinpoche. From an asana perspective, I have studied with BKS Iyengar and many of his masterful teachers, all who have been primary influences. I also studied extensively with John Friend and a few of his senior instructors, including Noah Maze and Sianna Sherman. Full pranams to each of these teachers and to the countless souls who have helped me peel back the layers – you know who you are.


What are your top 3 books? 

Too many to list…I am a book junky. Here are a few that have been in my hand the last month:

  • The Power of Myths- Joseph Campbell
  • Bless the Space between Us – John O Donohue
  • Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine ~ Dr. David Frawley
  • Anghora~ Dr. Robert Svoboda
  • The Sacred Path of a Warrior – Chogyam Trungpa
  • Take your pick of yogic texts: Upanishads, Mahabharata, Shiva Sutras, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, etc.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

‘Look for the good ~ in every situation’.… You will find it if you look long and deep enough. This advice is my primary motto, and it lifts me up (on many levels) every time.

The other piece of advice that changed my life:  ‘You need to ask in order to receive’. Your needs and longings are more likely to be nourished (satisfied) when you send out the request, prayer or intention. My advice with the request: be specific.


What do you do for fun? Relax? / Let loose? 

Yoga – of course. I also cuddle & read books with my children; cook and prepare food in the kitchen with friends & family; play my guitar; sing from the depth of my belly; telemark ski in the winter and hike in British Columbia mountains.


Thank you for inspiring us Suzanne! We are incredibly grateful for you.
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