Intuition – Don’t Live Your Life Without It

by Nanci

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Intuition is your most powerful resource available to you in this world of rapid-fire information, surface level relationships maintained by our fingertips through the spill of social media, and a struggling economy that makes us all want to hide our money in a vault so it won’t disappear.

Whether we’re beginning a relationship with the words: “She’s the one; I just know it,” taking a risk in business with “I just know, in my gut,” or responding to crisis with “I could just tell something wasn’t right,” intuition has a long been guiding us in the right direction when all other clues were absent or pointing us in the wrong direction.

Emerson called it “the divine impulse.” I simply call it, “Your Vibes.”

Today’s question is no longer, “does it exist?” We know it does. The real and relevant question is now, more importantly “So how does it work?”

Your sixth sense, your “vibes,” works best off a solid foundation of knowledge. It begins by noticing what is happening all around you right now. When was the last time you took a moment to really look around, wherever you were at the moment, to just feel with your Spirit? Take a second and do it right now. Reach out with your energy and feel the electricity buzzing in the room, the residual energy of people that have been in this space with you today or the day before, the pulse of life, knowledge and wisdom all around you in so many forms.

The more we connect with the world in this intimate and intuitive way, the more we begin to understand what that energy is giving us in return.

By simply becoming more attentive to the world around us we can be far more guided about what is happening just beneath the surface.

Intuition guides us toward making good decisions, though they are sometimes not the decisions we expected to make. But that is the whole point of tuning into our intuition in the first place. To be able to make the best decisions possible. So when our intuition alerts us to the need to make a change, It’s important to embrace that alert gladly. After all, it’s only serving to protect you.

Next, when thinking about increasing the effectiveness of our intuition, it’s important to remember that tuning into your vibes requires a clear and organized mind. Intuition is a subtle and fleeting insight that can be easily lost under a mountain of unfinished business, or swept away in the drama of disorder. Is it time to catch up with old matters, finish unfinished business, and clear your mental desk? The more you procrastinate, the greater your loss when it comes to tapping into your intuitive reserves.

Finally, your vibes are a physical, as much as a psychic sense. Your physical body relays messages as if it were a radio, broadcasting to your mind. Your gut feelings, your subtle vibes and your heart-based instincts are all messages relayed to your mind from you r intuition, through the vehicle of your body.

And just like any radio tower, if you don’t maintain it, it doesn’t work as well. Hangovers, stress, illness and injury impair your ability to access your intuition as do sleep deprivation, poor diet and under-exercising. The more junked up the system, the less likely it is that the important messages will make it through.

So, if these are all the things that get in the way, what are the things that help?

A quiet moment where you take it slow and give yourself a break is the first step in connecting with your intuition. Doing nothing doesn’t mean nothing’s getting done. In fact, those brief moments where you listen in on your internal guide are the moments where you have the opportunity to make profound and essential course corrections. And, the longer you wait in between check-in’s, the further off course you might get before you notice something going wrong.

Have you ever noticed that when one of your senses is taken away or under-stimulated, the others turn up the volume? For example, if you sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes and then your cat jumps up on your lap, sometimes you can feel the echo of the pressure on your skin, long after the cat has gone along its way. When vision was turned down, touch was turned up. The same is true for your sixth sense: intuition. When you take a moment out of your day to meditate or turn down the volume on your over-stimulated sense, intuition gets turned up and you are able to hear and feel things you might otherwise have missed.

The dictionary defines intuition as “immediate cognition,” which requires the paying of acute attention. The word literally means, “inner teacher.” Get into the habit of listening to your “inner teacher” and expecting it to guide you.

When you expect something you create an energetic vacuum which the Universe seeks to fill. A case in point is two guys driving into town; one expects to find a parking space, the other doesn’t. They both turn out right

Above all, have the courage to trust your vibes. Every great leader has been willing to play the fool. Disney was considered “a nut.” The Wright brothers were called “daft.” Edison was “eccentric,” at best. Progressive thinkers have always challenged conventional wisdom as they blaze a trail to the top. Now, it’s your turn.

10 things you can do to activate your intuitive “vibes” in your world.

1. Write down your goals. Intuition supports clear intentions. Keep your goals clearly posted and review them every day.

2. Visualize your success. Imagine exactly what you want to happen in your life. Intuition supports your vision. Sharpen your visualization skills by sharing your vision with others and observe if they can see your dreams as well as you.

3. Get enough sleep. Your vibes shut down when you are fatigued.

4. Keep a little notebook or tape recorder and record your gut feelings, ah-ha moments, and bright ideas as they arise. Do not edit, censor, or dismiss anything. You will soon see it all counts.

5. Sound it out. Find sympathetic friends who will listen to your intuitive hunches. Sharing a gut feeling is the best way to validate your intuition and gain confidence in listening to your higher awareness.

6. Take time out for reflection. Intuition lies just beneath our conscious awareness and rises to the surface during quiet moments. Rushing through the day prevents your inner voice from speaking out. Schedule regular periods of 5 to 10 minutes throughout the week to do nothing but sit and ponder.

7. Leave the job at your desk. Sometimes the best way to activate your intuitive and creative muscles is to walk away from a problem and let the answers incubate on their own. Do something stimulating and fun on your evenings and weekends. By allowing this side of your brain to take over while giving your work side a rest brings new perspectives and ideas that can take you to a new level of solution.

8. Ask for help. Have the wisdom to be open to receiving help in all ways, and do not hesitate to seek guidance the minute you need it. Being open to guidance is the starting gun to an intuitive life and separates the ordinary from the extraordinary in today’s working world.

9. Keep your office clean and organized. Your sixth sense thrives on order, not chaos. A clear desk leaves the clear mind needed for tuning into your vibes.

10. Acknowledge your intuitive successes openly and comfortably. Share your vibes positively, regarding them as a natural asset designed to help you succeed and not as something to wrestle with or question. Recognize they are a reflection of your higher power, and put them to use every day.

The bottom line is, if you want to succeed in a changing world and have a great time along the way, utilize and trust to the fullest your greatest natural tool: your “vibes.”

-Blog by Sonia Choquette

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