How To Pick The Right Comforter Sizes

by Nanci
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A comforter is a copious and bulky sack of fabric made with feathery fibers. The most common materials for comforters are silk, cotton, and polyester, to name a few. They are often compared to duvets. However, comforters are usually thicker than duvets. Comforters also come in varying sizes. From oversized king comforters to queen and small comforters, comforters come in various sizes. This write-up discusses comforter sizes and how to pick the best one.

How to pick the right comforter size

There isn’t anything worse than buying a new comforter and realizing it is too short or does not cover all sides of your bed. Therefore, one of the most critical steps you must take when choosing a comforter is selecting the correct size. Below are some elements to look to pick the right comforter size

1. Consider the size of your bed and mattress

One of the easiest ways to choose the right comforter size is to consider the mattress measurements and the size of your bed. Doing this will ensure that you select the correct comforter length and width.

Some of the best comforter manufacturers usually label their comforters depending on the bedding and mattress sizes. They also offer size charts that you can use to pick the best products. Therefore, all you have to do is use the size chart to determine the best comforter width and length, depending on your bed and mattress size. Note that the size charts may differ from one manufacturer to the next. Therefore, you must ensure to ask for the chart from the exact manufacturer.

2. Consider the thickness of the mattress

You can also determine the right width of the comforter by considering the thickness of the mattress. For instance, if your mattress is 60 inches wide and 11 inches thick, then the ideal width of the comforter should be 71 inches. It is crucial to ensure that the width of the comforter also includes the thickness of the mattress to ensure that it covers your bed and mattress entirely.

However, kindly note that you do not need to do the same for the length. You can get a comforter of the same length as your mattress. Note that the mattress sizes may differ from one manufacturer or region to the next.

3. Consider the stuffing

The stuffing can also affect the size of the comforter. The stuffing causes the comforter to fluff when they are placed on the bed. When this happens, the comforter may not fit on the bed. Therefore, when choosing such a comforter, you must consider getting an oversized alternative.


When choosing the right comforter size for your bed, you must also consider the size of the bed. For instance, for a kingsized bed, you must get a kingsized comforter. On the other hand, for a crip or queen-sized bed, you must get the same comforter. If you do not know your exact bed size, you can use a measuring tape to measure your mattress. Not only should you measure the mattress length and width, but the thickness as well.

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