*Destination Feature* – La Guna De Apoyo, Nicaragua

by Nanci

Photo by Steph Davies


This is a crater lake which means that a volcano sunk down into the ground and is now filled with water which is warmed up thermally from the earth’s core. Sounds intense doesn’t it? Well it isn’t! Laguna De Apoyo might be the most chill place on earth. It was made into a nature reserve in 1991. That means that there is very little development on this pristinely beautiful body of water. The water of the lagoon has a high mineral content because of the volcano that imploded over 20,000 yrs ago and is believed to have special healing properties.We’ll be staying right at the crater’s edge so your day here can be spent lounging in the water, kayaking/hiking around or taking a day trip to a volcano or a local town for shopping. Some guests describe the lodge as the perfect place to unplug from the outside world and liberate themselves from the daily distractions of city life so they may connect to their highest selves in the natural world.


At Apoyo Lodge they strive to source seasonal, organic, plant-based whole foods found in Nicaragua and to promote mindful plant-based eating. Meals at the lodge are a mix of raw and cooked plant-based whole foods; meat and dairy free as well as free of all refined sugars, oils and gluten with strong emphasis on incorporating whole foods such as dark leafy greens, herbs, veggies, tropical fruits, fermented foods, sprouts, nuts and seeds into thier dishes. All sauces, dips and salad dressings are always homemade and made daily with only the freshest ingredients. Processed, packaged and canned food stuffs are avoided at all costs.

Dishes are seasonal, local and organic when available. All dark leafy greens, herbs, most citrus and some fruits and vegetables are sourced from a local small family run farm 45 minutes from the lodge. All nuts, seeds and most fruits and vegetables are sourced from a farm on Ometepe and purchased in Granada.  


Outside the lodge the lake is only a stone’s throw away and there are many hammocks scattered all around the property.


For those looking to ‘catch some rays’ or simply laze there is a floating dock as well as inner-tubes. If you’d like to go a little further there is a paddle-boat and a small sailboat.


There is a large spacious outdoor bar complete with hammocks, ping-pong table, refrigerator, charcoal BBQ and pizza oven. This rancho is ideal for group dinners and great conversation!


Hiking trails are located in all directions of the property.


The yoga studio is among the most beautiful Breathe in Life staff have ever experienced. On top of yoga, there is also reiki and massages available.


The owners are a young Canadian couple who live in their own home on the property. They are kind, knowledgeable, helpful, and very good at running a serene and peaceful resort.

 **Learn more in this video review of Apoyo or visit apoyolodge.com: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=174&v=xBbCP8T9GaY

**Check out our Nicaragua Yoga Retreats at BREATHEINLIFE.COM!

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