5 Ways to Leave the World Better than You Found It

by Nanci

Whether you’re visiting one of the most unique, exotic places in the world or you’re just adventuring through your own backyard, there’s no question that the fragile beauty of the world should be handled with love. Keeping the Earth just the way you found it is something to be proud of, but making it a better place for future explorers means so much more. 

Happy Earth, happy life.

Happy Earth, happy life.


There are zero excusable reasons to throw that empty water bottle in the bushes during your hike – period – but the unfortunate reality is that our planet is speckled with trash around every corner. Do your part to ease this epidemic by bringing your water in reusable bottles, your Irish coffee in a metal mug, your salad in a mason jar, and by holding onto any garbage you may have until you find a recycling bin. You’ll notice on FnEZ trips that many of our guesthouses have water coolers for all to enjoy – so bring your bottle and join the movement! Want to go a step further? Grab a trash bag on your way out the door and take a brief moment to pick up that chip bag or fast food cup as they appear. Mother Nature thanks you!


Sure, the taxis lined up outside the airport when you arrive in Munich may be appealing, but why not see the city like a local and save a bunch of money!? You’ll get a firsthand cultural experience and have a mini sightseeing tour, all for a fraction of the cost of a taxi or shuttle. You may get on the wrong train here and there, but isn’t that all part of the adventure? The most important aspect of this, though, is the emissions saved. You’ll be using a fraction of the gas you’d exhaust while taking private transportation. Who knows, you may even start a snowball effect! Fellow explorers will see you hopping onto that bus with (perhaps false) confidence and it may inspire them to follow in your footsteps! High five for progress!

Everybody's happy when we all do our part to protect the planet.

Everybody’s happy when we all do our part to protect the planet.


This act could be as simple as buying a craft beer, making your lunch out of veggies from the farmer’s market or finding gifts for your mom from a local vendor. Aside from saving you money, you’ll be supporting the community you’re in – and that’s something so vital to a good economy. By buying a handmade necklace from a woman selling her jewelry at a roadside stand instead of in a big-box store, you become a pillar in that vendor’s life – providing her with means to care for her and her family. On top of that, travel and transportation costs are slashed – further helping to reduce your carbon footprint! And let’s face it – craft beer is just so much better.


As conscious travelers, we try to be as mindful of the planet as we can, but unfortunately we can’t get to many of the places on our bucket list without planes, trains, or automobiles. Greenhouse gasses are doing daunting things to our atmosphere and all of our globetrotting isn’t part of the solution…..or is it? There are steps you can take to lessen the effect of your travels around our incredible planet, and there’s no reason to wait any longer! It’s incredible to think that the simple act of planting a tree can do wonders for our environment. Make a promise to yourself that for every country you visit or for every week that you’re gone, you’ll plant a tree in exchange for your adventure. Check out the “Free & Easy Forest” at www.fnez.com if you need some motivation to create your own personal little woodland.


….because what’s a better way to brighten the spirits of people around the world than a big ol’ smile?


Blog by Megan Martin from our sister company, Free and Easy Traveler

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