*ADVENTURE FEATURE * Introducing North India

by Nanci


Journey into India, where every blink of the eye brings something new!

With well over a billion people, over 100 native languages and tens of thousands of Gods and paths to spirituality there is truly no place on the planet like India.

Visiting India can be overwhelming – it’s hard to decide where to even begin! To help ensure your trip hits all the right marks, we’ve taken the time to get to know mother India so we can offer unique access to its best teachers, hidden gems and most incredible experiences.

For those interested in exploring the roots of yoga as a way of life, there is truly no alternative to India. Here we find yoga everywhere, from schools and prisons to the homes of everyday people. The practice has been a part of the very fabric of Indian society for as many as 10,000 years, though some practitioners will tell you it’s actually been since the very beginning of time.

The explosion of yoga in the western world has been a beautiful thing, as the spread of this positive practice only makes the world a better place. But some key elements have been lost in translation, and going to the source of this magic can completely transform and elevate your path as a yogi.

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