9 Great Benefits of Neem, The Next Big Thing in Skin Care

by Nanci

I have studied quite a bit the effects and benefits of Neem and had to try it out for myself. I started taking the tablets, using some pastes and some Neem infused soaps and saw many positive changes in my body and skin. I highly recommend reading up on this potent plant and getting your hands on some!

1. The greatest use of Neem is its ability to purify and cleanse. It is quickly making its way more and more into the global cosmetics world. Given it’s strong anti bacterial quality it is extremely effective in treatment of acne and pimples/blackheads.

2. Treatment of acne scarring or other general scaring, and/or hyper/hypo-pigmentation(darker or lighter blemishes on the skin).

3. Applied externally as an oil or paste it helps to reduce inflammation in treatment of injury or arthritic symptoms.

4. Neem oil can also be used externally to help with any and all nail infections/problems. Whether it is brittle nails, fungus, discoloration etc. neem oil is very effective.

5. Taken internally it is a very powerful blood purifier. The cosmetic needs of applying externally can actually be avoided by continuously taking Neem tablets or a fresh paste. Do your best to work from the inside, nothing makes the skin glow like clean, pure blood. Neem tablets are easily found in most cities or can be ordered online. I have always battled with pimples and taking these tablets has greatly reduced my need to work on my skin from the outside.

6. Neem is not only a cosmetic, it also can be used to treat asthma as it reduces mucous and bacteria in the lungs.

7. The oil also has anti inflammatory effects and can be used to reduce arthritic symptoms both in acute and chronic instances.

8. Neem oil, paste, powders, and liquid medicines can all be used to treat many scalp/hair problems. Whether it be hair loss, dryness of scalp/hair, frizzy hair, itching etc.

9. Taking Neem internally as a paste/tablet/juice/powder or tea will detoxify the liver.

Home Remedies
If you wish to make your own skin cleanser you may purchase Neem powder and boil 1 tsp in 1L of water for 5 minutes. Strain out the powder and you can simply apply this water to this face each night with cotton.
You may also add 100ml of this liquid to your bath for skin disease of the body or to simply get a good, natural cleanse of the skin.
Another option for the powder is to mix equal parts Neem powder and Turmeric (there are 2 types of turneric, both are good for cooking but only one is suited for the skin, use curcuma aromatica, not curcuma longa) powder with a bit of rose water to make a paste. This can be applied to the face and allowed to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. Warning the turmeric does cause yellow discoloration of the skin for a few hours so this should be done in the evening before bed. This can also be done without the turmeric, though the two do work well together.
As with anything, consult a medical professional before taking Neem if you have any major health concerns.
Do not take Neem oil internally.

Ayurvedic Properties
Sanskrit – Nimba.
Rasa (taste) – Bitter, astringent.
Guna (physical qualities, quality of action) – Light, dry.
Veerya (Either heating or cooling for the body) – Cooling.
Vipaka (Post digestive effect) – Pungent
What We Use – The whole plant is used, making it a ‘samoola’ plant.

Botanical Information
Scientific Name – Azadiractica Indica
Family – Meliaceae
Synonyms – Indian Lilac, Nimtree

Blog by Jordan Ross Dore, Co-Founder of Breathe in Life

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