10 Songs for Yoga to Help Heal from Within

by Nanci

My favorite yoga classes are the ones where I lose myself in breath, disconnect from the ego, and feel that the movements are coming from the depths of my soul. It feels elegant, beautiful, and powerful. It is as if I leave this physical world and connect to something much greater. You can label it as god, a higher power, energy from the universe, etc. A powerful tool that I use to reach those moments in yoga and meditation is music.

Music can truly pull at all my heartstrings. It brings me to places that move me to feel a whole range of emotion. Like the type of music that pulls blockages out of your energetic body and forces you to stare darkness down and bring light to those dark corners we all have inside of us.

Teaming up yoga and moving music can heal from the inside out. We store so much emotion in our bodies. It finds a home in our joints and muscles and makes us feel emotion physically through stiffness and aches. By listening to healing music, stretching and moving, and bringing an awareness to not only the physical movements but also the feelings behind them you can create a powerful energy within that can help guide your thoughts and decisions which in turn shape your reality.

Here are some of my favorite medicinal songs that have helped me on my path to feeling my best! They are hyper linked to youtube and other places so the sound quality is not always the best. But, I recommend SPOTIFY.COM for all your music desires.

1. L’Origine Nacosta – Ludovico Einaudi

2. The Last Man – Clint Mansell

3. Aisatsana (102) – Aphex Twin

4. Corn – Nils Frahm

5. Carousel #1 – Federico Albanese

6. The Wait – Olafur Arnalds

7. Skin on Skin – Dirk Maassen

8. Waterways – Ludovico Einaudi

9. Any Other Name – Thomas Newman

10. Shanti (Shavasana dub) Omstrumental – MC Yogi

Written by Breathe in Life Co-Founder Melissa Jol

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