The Theme for October is BALANCE – Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci

We have been through several months of ups and downs, emotional extremes, fits and starts, breakthroughs and changes, despairs and elations, successes and failures. We are a little road weary and slightly hyper vigilant about “keeping it all together”. So the theme this month is BALANCE because that is what we all desperately need at this time and the influences of the times support it.

It is a time to carve out space for assimilation and integration of what we have gone through in the past months of both conscious and subconscious changes and much personal growth. There is an edge to this month and personal boundaries will be tested as we strive for more balance in our lives. It will be important not to over react but rather to see balance in terms of boundaries more as a dance than a hard edge. It is a great month to observe and tackle any addictive behaviors, black and white belief systems, extreme mood swings, irrational fears and attachments to anything in the past.

We have an opportunity to start a new chapter this month launched by a beautiful new moon on September 30. This new chapter needs to have us looking forward not back. RELATIONSHIP is another theme for this month and works with BALANCE by inviting us to bring everything that is out of balance into right relationship.

What does BALANCE look like?

There is balance between doing and being. We all know what “doing” looks like and some of us have been “doing” way too much. The irrational fear is that if you loosen up the “doing” somehow everything will fall apart. We have a somewhat erroneous belief that the state of “being” is where nothing happens. It is a vacation, a stepping out of or a withdrawal from life. It certainly can be that however the positive expression of the state of “being” can be very active where a lot happens. We should never underestimate the power of assimilation and integration. Most of us carry so much undigested and unassimilated material that it is a wonder we can focus on anything.

So it will be important to pay attention to your “doing” and “being” states this month and to bring them into a better relationship with each other so you can be more balanced. “Being “states include meditation, prayer, being with nature as you walk or sit, silence, rest, sleep, being receptive, listening, and just simply consciously “being” with others, your food, your environment, your cup of coffee etc. Being is also Presence so practice being present and bring that presence into all of your “Doing”. It will make the doing more focused, efficient and balanced.


Another area of working with balance is to bring more moderation into your life. Look at any place you experience extremes from energy levels to emotional reactions to addictive behaviors to overworking, overthinking, worry and fear. Anything that threatens to consume you is out of balance. This is where boundaries come into play. You may need to say no to what threatens to consume you in order to achieve balance through moderation. Cut back on anything that feels like too much whether it is being initiated by you or by someone else. Some boundaries you will have to set for yourself and be disciplined about keeping them. Some boundaries will need to be set against what is coming at you from the outside and you will also need to be disciplined about keeping them, not in a rejecting or hard edge way, but in a loving, flexible but firm way.

Balance is also needed between work, study, play and rest. To be truly balanced you should have equal amounts of each one in your waking hours. Very few people achieve this but it is a good reminder about what to strive for eventually.

Another area of balance is the relationship you have with trust and intuition vs needing to know. The need to know can cause severe anxiety when the information simply is not available yet. In an emotionally centered year and especially during higher emotional times, the mind needs to take a back seat and allow the heart and emotional intelligence to take over. This is highly uncomfortable for those who are intellectually centered but necessary for achieving a state of balance. So practice trusting your intuition and gut feelings and be less mentally hypervigilant about what you cannot control. You will sleep better.


How the month shows up:



This is a huge month for manifesting new parts of yourself provided you take the time to integrate and assimilate them. It is also a potent month for truth telling. Anything that has been swept under the rug because you did not want to deal with it or you were afraid of how others would react, is likely to surface. Anything you have been in denial about with regards to health, personal addictions and negative behavior patterns, may end up staring you in the face, demanding change, especially around the full moon time mid- month. Don’t be angry. Approach issues that surface with compassion and an intention to support and heal as you would help a wounded child. After all, much of this can be traced back to old childhood wounds.

It is important that you do not allow these issues to derail you or cause a set-back to your manifesting new and wonderful parts of yourself. Remember it is just the back of the closet that still needs a good clean out. Get help if you need it.

In terms of bringing more balance into your life, pay attention to your energy expenditure, listen to your body, get comfortable carving out time just to “be”, get more exercise if you need it, be more social if that is lacking or set some boundaries around alone time if that is what you need. Follow inspirations to bring new expressions into your life and work on your boundaries. It is OK to say “no” and it is OK to say “yes” when your intuition tells you to.

For the physical health aspect, it is a good month to get your diet balanced, your exercise balanced and to take care of any health concerns you may have been in denial about. If there is an imbalance, your will know it.



Because balance has a lot to do with relationship, this is a big theme this month. Where do you want to put your energy? With whom do you want to spend your time with? Where are the energy leaks or loose boundaries or habitual behaviors that keep you in relationships that are not healthy?

Finding balance in relationship does not necessarily mean eliminating the relationship although sometimes that is what is needed. It may be simply enough to reset your boundaries in order to bring more balance. For example, if you are in the habit of spending way too much time listening to a friend’s constant complaining about their life, you may need to set a boundary against that behavior and decrease the amount of time you allow that friend to take.

If there is a deep imbalance in a relationship that has not been addressed, it is likely to surface as a truth mid-month. Around the full moon time could be a challenge for relationships or it could be a fabulous reset using the higher centered energy available at that time. However, if new boundaries are not honored, the claws may come out. Be careful not to react in a way you may regret later.

Balance also includes re-evaluating how much time you spend in relationship with yourself as opposed to time spent in relationship with others. For some of you it may mean putting yourself out there to connect more, and for others it may mean limiting the constant social activity in order to give yourself some alone time for much needed time to “be” and to integrate.



This is a good month to de-clutter. You may be feeling the urge to simplify, downsize, get rid of things you have not used for a while, go through old papers, toss and clean, and generally get yourself to a place where you are managing less in your physical environment. Balance also includes de-cluttering your inner landscape of worry and obsession especially about the things you can do nothing about, like the weather or other people’s actions. As you de-clutter, you may also be very inspired to improve your surroundings in some way and bring more beauty into your environment.

Imbalance in weather patterns globally comes to our attention again and there will be new findings and truth that surface about global warming and other environmental conditions. We may see more events caused by the imbalance of “too much” or “too little” especially around water. The environment in general feels more destabilized in terms of being able to predict anything. The earth is going through her own changes and manifesting new aspects, demanding attention, and making sure we do not get too comfortable in our old habits. Wind is likely to be a strong force this month.



The biggest issue this month is the uncovering of corruption. If you are involved in a business that is part of a larger corporation, be prepared for fall out if any of the practices are in question or if integrity has been compromised. At the same time, you yourself may question what you have been putting up with and where your personal boundaries need to be adjusted.  There are likely to be shake ups on many levels with regards to partnerships and projects. Whenever there is shake up, much creative energy is released and can be used very productively as long as the people involved do not get mired in anger, blame and finger pointing.

It is very important this month to always look forward and to be solution oriented instead of trying to digest past failures and injustices. Let them go and focus on the future. It is a great month to start something new but keep in mind the balance piece and start it right. If you are overextended, simplify something. If you are feeling a lack of activity, take a risk and jump into a new project that inspires you.



October 1-7: This is an expansive time launched by the new moon on September 30. You may be inspired to de-clutter, start something new, change your look, and finish taking care of any business that did not get handled in September. The good news is that you should have the energy for it as well as the enthusiasm. Make sure you do not add too much more to your already full plate.

During this time frame be disciplined about letting go of the past especially any experiences of restriction, lack, difficulty and challenge. It is a new time and it is important to embrace the possibilities and to trust that things can be very very different. The exercise in balance this week should include time to take big deep breaths and to enjoy being with what you have, instead of worrying about what you don’t yet have.


October 8-15: This is an active time that can have you running in circles and experiencing chaos if you are out of balance. Time management is a necessary study as well as boundary setting. This could be an extremely productive time when a lot comes together in a really good way as long as you approach your life with presence and balance. If you find yourself losing your train of thought, becoming irritated, fearful or overwhelmed, stop everything and take few breaths to reset through a state of being.

As we approach the full moon on the 15th be aware of crisis points in your life and see them as opportunities for breakthrough rather than breakdown. There may be people out there behaving badly, Don’t be one of them.


October 15: Full Moon is, October 15 at 10:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is a fiery and potent full moon designed to push through and push forward. It carries a punch that may be a welcome energy for some that perform well under pressure but it may be challenging for those that prefer a softer method. This moon also influences the uncovering of hard to look at truths that may surface during this time. The good news is that the power of this full moon time gives you the tools to embrace truth and allows you to accept, change and move forward.

Watch for explosive reactions and don’t get yourself embroiled in drama that is not yours. Stay away from conflict if you can and focus instead on something that you are wanting to express in a larger way in your life. This Full Moon can feed that expansion in a powerful way.


October 17-22: We are dealing with the aftermath of the full moon and the result of seeing the truth about what is imbalanced in your life. Whether it is relationship, health, attitudes, beliefs, addictions, or behaviors, this is the time to eliminate, change, commit, resolve and bring discipline into what needs to be different.  Pay special attention to the balance between doing and being and work with that container as you reinvent some of your daily practices.

There could be radical change that occurs in your life during this time either initiated by you because of new boundaries and resolutions or because of someone else’s new boundaries and resolutions.

There could also be radical change occurring on the planet due to environmental or weather events, social unrest and global incidents. The energy is still that of “crisis” so remember to use it proactively to push through some barrier instead of being trampled by it. Powerful time frames can either be super transformational or very difficult or both.


October 23-31: Activity settles down some and you may finally feel as if you have a better handle on the balance in your life. You should definitely carve out time for integration and assimilation especially if you have experienced a big change or launched some new big project. Your closets should be clean and the de-cluttering well on its way. This is a good week to pamper and nurture yourself. Those around you should have gotten used to your new boundaries and you should feel a certain thread of harmony and ease. Trust it and be grateful.

If this is not your experience perhaps there is more work to do. Perhaps out of fear or resistance you have not set good boundaries and have not embraced change or you are working too hard and not monitoring the excess on your plate. It is never too late to go back, take a deep breath and do what you know needs to be done. You will be happy you did.


October 30: New Moon is Sunday, October 30 at 11:39 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is a good moon to get clear on new intentions and to set your priorities so that you can maintain the new found balance in your life. If you have weathered a big change, now would be a good time to anchor whatever new situation the change has brought into your life.

Have a great month!


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