The Theme for May is TRUST – Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci


The main theme for May is TRUST!


We have survived the energies of April (some of us barely) and are now facing a new game, a new dream, new possibilities, a new sense of self and a lot of unknown. Just as powerfully as April shook things up, May provides us with a potent opportunity for changing our game and moving into that new dream we all so desperately want. For some of us it will require a leap of faith and for some simply a willingness to allow new things into our lives in a new way.

This will take a great deal of trust as well as discipline in eliminating any attachment to old ways of thinking, judgment, and doubt. The most important lesson this month is to trust and allow your life to be supported in unfolding in a very new way, one that you are not familiar with but you welcome and receive. It is helpful to keep a “don’t know mind” and to trust that all is manifesting as it should. It is also important that you notice your expectations and assumptions that lead and lock you back into old experiences from the past.

For example, if you have always had a particular experience in the past around seeing a certain person or doing a certain task or under the influence of a particular astrology, consider that this time around the same experience could be very different under a new game, a new dream and a new set of influences. This consideration requires that you eliminate your passive expectation that it will always be business as usual. You need to let go of your assumptions and give the universe some room to present you with a different experience.

So the next time you make plans for spending time with a difficult relative or tackling a task that was always challenging in the past, decide it can be different and then trust that it will be. The expectations that come from your mind are based on past experiences and the language of the past. There is no intellectual language for the future, as the future has not manifested yet. So you are doing yourself a disservice by expecting the future to unfold in the same way as it has in the past.

It is time to change the game. And this means setting new RULES for yourself. Examine how the patterns of the past create a negative rule that guides your life in the same direction over and over again. Some of those rules are positive and some are negative. We are mostly concerned here with the negative rules however if you have a positive rule that limits expansion and new direction, you may need to revise that rule as well.

Here are some examples:

You always get the worst seat, or you always get the best seat.

You always attract the right people, or you always attract the wrong people.

You always get into a fight with a relative when you see them.

You always get sick during a certain time of year, or you never get sick.

You never have enough time.

You never have good luck, or you always have the best luck.

Setting new rules for yourself is a way of structuring your intentions to move in a new direction. We have been talking for months and even years around the theme of “out with the old, in with the new”. This month will support that in a big way as long as you can really eliminate the “old” and welcome in the “new”. And this takes TRUST.

Another potent and exciting aspect of this month is acknowledging the power of your intuition as a guiding principle in setting your intentions and trusting in a new direction. Intuition is non-intellectual and helps us to “feel” into things instead of rationalize them. Remember that rationalization uses language from the past and past experiences, whereas intuition feels into the future.

Your intuition “knows” your true values, and your values are important building blocks to the foundation of your future. It is no longer acceptable to be engaged in activity that goes against your personal values and integrity. Moving towards what your heart wants and your intuition agrees with will be what ultimately changes the game. So trust you intuition, trust your new rules, trust right timing and trust the new game.


How the month shows up


You have the opportunity this month to change your habits, patterns, and beliefs about yourself in a big way. There is also an opportunity to develop you intuition and begin to trust it in ways you have not been able to in the past. The influences we have and the support of the times can insure that whatever change and reset you make for yourself can be permanent.

Because the times require a total shift in order to move forward, whatever personal change you put total commitment and trust behind, will become permanent as long as you continue to trust it. There is also an aspect of going within and really telling the truth to yourself about what is important to you. What are your values? Where have you been compromising? There is finality to what you decide to cut loose and leave behind.

Don’t be surprised if you go through times of grieving for what is past, even if it was positive and good. In a way you are leaving the nest of your comfort zone and striking out into the unknown. As you look forward into your future, set your intentions from the wisdom and intuition of your heart and then trust you are on the right path.



Relationships can be many things this month. Some will test you, some will support you, some will confirm you are on the right track and some will be your biggest challenge. Relationship lessons this month will include working with your intuition and deeper knowing around what is healthy and what is not healthy. Often it is difficult to let go of something known and familiar even when you know intuitively it is no longer right for you.

In the greater picture of change and evolution, trusting that when a space opens up, there is actually something better and more supportive out there for you. There may be times this month when you are fed up and irritated with the behaviors of others. Pay close attention to your unconscious habits of putting up with relationships that no longer serve you and cut them loose if appropriate. You may mourn the loss but find freedom in the space.



This is maybe the biggest area of trust and faith this month. We have very strong collective belief systems in place about health, disease, aging, healing and what is possible and not possible for the human body. Without needing to “know” mentally, this is the month to push the envelope of what we believe to be true and to invite some concepts at the edge of the “box” to begin to manifest.

The area of the physical body is where you can readily witness what your rules and beliefs are about what is possible and what you are capable of. Examine your personal rules about your health, weight, energy levels, conditions, capabilities, challenges, limitations, how much sleep you need, how much food you need, and in general what your body needs according to what you have been taught.

It is time to change the game and the body is a great place to practice implementing a new set of rules and trusting that it will be so.



Be the witness here in regards to the environment and trust that everything is happening just exactly according to some larger plan. Environmental events will continue to be intense, unpredictable, inconvenient, radical, and completely out of your control.

What you do have control over is your personal immediate environment. Represent a change in your game by cleaning out, clearing something, letting go and changing things up. It is a good time to really pay attention to your personal environment. What can you change? What can you upgrade? What can you get rid of? What have you been living with that you no longer notice but no longer serves? Be proactive and trust that when you let go of something you make room for something new.



The same concept as working with the environment is also true for business, partnerships and projects. You need to trust that letting go of something you have been struggling with for a long time will only lead to freedom and something better and more in alignment with you. Many will make important decisions this month to finally quit a toxic job, complete a partnership that is no longer viable, or let go of a project that has been a struggle.

There is a need to TRUST that when one door closes another one opens. Even though you cannot see the path you need to trust that it is taking you in the right direction. Instead of trying to figure out where you are going with your mind, trust your intuition and let the right project, work or partnership choose you.

The unstable and unsettled energies of April are still somewhat at work, influencing a need to re examine values and truth before moving forward in a new direction.



May 1-7: This time frame is one of going within, exploring what is out of balance and setting a new path for yourself. It is a good week for cleaning and clearing, disengaging from anything toxic, setting new boundaries, telling the truth to yourself about what is not working and being patient with the irritations that are still keeping things a bit unsettled.

Some intentions will finally find their groove and be on their way, supported by a clear path. Some intentions will hit a wall of challenge and be thwarted at every turn. And some intentions will still be elusive in their clarity and commitment.

It is important to begin to really trust the process and not judge your life or other people’s actions through a limited focus on the negative. Trusting is more than just saying the words. It is truly handing over the process to spirit and moving forward from a place of intuition. You “know” what is right, so if there is a bit of chaos and confusion around you due to retrograde planets, be patient and trust that everything will unfold as it should when the time is right.


May 6: New Moon is Friday, May 6 at 1:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). An earthy, robust day for having great gratitude for what is different and moving in your life. Celebrate your gifts and be inspired by what you can taste, feel and exchange with others. This is a good day to put your hands into the earth and do some planting either physically or symbolically.

Bury the past and face the future with your own values, your own intuition, and your own trust. Ask for our great ally, pachamama, mother earth, to nurture those seeds and help you and your new intentions to grow into the most beautiful blooms.


May 8-15: A time of testing, perseverance, finding your inner strength, working with “time” in a new way, and re-assessing your values. It is also a time when hard decisions may be made for necessary change. You have support for releasing something from the past, some manifestation of an old belief system or something you have been holding on to as a known security even though you can clearly see it is no longer right for you. These changes may be difficult as you let go of what you have become accustomed to and what is familiar. There may be a grieving process as well. If change happens to you as a side effect of someone else’s decision, accept it and see it as an opportunity for your own reset.

Even though you cannot see the road ahead, you will need to use TRUST as your greatest asset as you take that leap of faith into something new. It is very important that you resist the temptation to define what you expect to happen in your life based on old experiences. Practice being like a child that has no library of past experiences to influence their expectations. Expect things to be different than they were before, keep an open mind and heart and always focus on what is new.


May 16-22: We are worn out, some of us disillusioned or in doubt. Did we make the right choices? Can we be this selfish? Do we deserve what we are asking for? Why are there not more signs to let us know we are on the right track?

This is a murky time of inner evaluation and where the trust in your values and choices really comes into play. Wherever you are, whomever you are with, and whatever you are doing needs to be trusted as the very right thing that has chosen you. Relax and enjoy the ride, whatever it may be.

This time frame really supports the “being” part of who we are. BE your intentions, BE your new rules, BE trusting, BE inspired, BE patient, and BE willing.


May 21: Full Moon is Saturday, May 21 at 3:14 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) This moon is a set up for great movement and manifestation. It is a productive time where much power and energy can be harnessed for fueling your new game. If you have been consistent in your trust and consistent in your truth and determined in your intentions, then your path will be clear, open and ready for traffic.

If you are still in the unsettled place of confusion, ambivalence and fear of change, you have work to do.


May 23-31: It is all systems go. This is a time of movement, fruition and action. At times you may feel that things are moving a bit too fast and out of your control but you must trust that this has all been put into motion by your intentions for change and the discipline to leave the past behind. You may not understand all that is coming your way, but you need to trust that it is the right thing.

For example, you may meet someone that you have a very strong intuitive feeling of connection with but you may not clearly yet see where they fit into your life. Or you can have a strong sense of needing to go somewhere or study something or do a project but you don’t know why. There is a part of you that knows why, but it is not the intellectual part. This is where trust comes in and the intellectual clarity will follow. So follow and trust your heart. As long as you move forward from your own integrity, values and intuition, you cannot go wrong.

Have a great month,


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