The theme for May is INSTABILITY: Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci



It is a chaotic month requiring flexibility, adaptability, thinking outside the box, patience and resetting our priorities.

We all yearn for stability and perhaps even reminisce about old times when things were a lot simpler. But this is where we are now and there is no going back. It is not going to get any “easier” but we will get used to it and adapt to this new vibration that is part of our evolution.

Old stable structures are loosening and breaking apart and new ones have not yet been solidified. It can be a very exciting and creative time if you don’t succumb to fear and stubbornness. If your stability has been a job with a structure where you could project a future and suddenly the job is no longer either because you quit or the job quit you, you find yourself in a place of instability. The instability brings with it a variety of possibilities and potential for creating opportunities that would not otherwise be there.

Instability is highly creative because nothing is set or solidified and you can mold and inform what it is that you want to manifest in ways that you can’t when things are stable and well defined. Of course, there is the element of chaos as structures become unstable. This can lead to too many options and much mental obsession and confusion. We are being asked this month to become more comfortable with chaos and to learn to trust the greater order of things. Even if we feel out of control we must trust that everything happens for a reason.

Some of the stable structures that are crumbling are the mental ones. Our belief systems and how we hold our rational thoughts and how we process information is a structure that is becoming unstable as we go through this shift in consciousness. Think of the mind as a 2-dimensional processor that is being rewired to “think” in multi-dimensional concepts. In order for this to happen the mind needs to let go of the 2-dimensional processor, the linear thinking of the “rational” mind and allow this multi-dimensional experience to imprint a new way of “thinking”. It is the realm of the higher intellectual center and gives us a new experience of “truth”.

Needless to say, we all will feel a bit mentally unstable this month and prone to the experience of “losing our minds”. Our memories may be compromised and if we don’t write a list, we may quickly forget why we went to the market and what for. Instead of going into a panic, use this instability to be more creative, to “think” outside the box, to allow for solutions to seemingly unsolvable issues to suddenly appear. Instability can be a wonderful thing as long as you work with it instead of resisting it.

The Chaos Factor

If you decide to clean out your closet or your refrigerator and you want to sort through what you have before putting it back, you will have a temporary experience of the chaos of the pile of all the things being sorted. You will need to decide what stays, what goes, and then how the remainder will be put back into some kind of order.

If you have organized your day around meeting someone for lunch and that person cancels, you suddenly have an opening in your schedule. Any vacancy that is a result of any change in your life introduces possibility. And possibility is potential without structure and stability. And potential without structure and stability is chaos. Chaos in itself is never negative. It is what you do with it and how you navigate it that brings about either a positive or negative result.

A positive result is ending up with a delightful experience of synchronicity and productivity that feels supportive and takes you in the right direction. A negative experience is the feeling of spinning your wheels, not getting anything done and being yanked around by either yours or other people’s obsessive thoughts and emotions. In times like these you have to be very careful not to let the chaos run you but rather to harness the chaos as energy for your own intentions.

In these unstable times, we are learning to deal with Chaos. Chaos is feminine, creative, fertile, unpredictable, exciting and destructive.  Instead of holding on to what feels comfortable, known, rational and safe, seize the opportunity and work the instability and chaos to accelerate your own radical change. These are revolutionary times. What is your personal revolution? Go for it.

Learning to Prioritize

The way we look at priorities is changing. We need to learn to prioritize from our hearts instead of from our minds. The way the mind prioritizes is by rationalizing why we should be doing something instead of simply intuiting that it should be done. The challenge during times of instability is that we have too many choices, too many options, too much on our plate, and too many considerations to sort through. We don’t know what to do first, what to end, what to start, what we can ignore, what is done, what is ours and what is not. So, we revert back to what is known and where we feel safe and confident. But this is never a good permanent solution.

The only way to bring focus and stability into our lives now is to learn to prioritize from the heart. This requires trust and intuition, listening to yourself instead of others and connecting in with your own desires. Making choices from the heart may disappoint others and even bring instability into someone else’s life, but that is the challenge this month and the price you pay for resetting your priorities and it will serve you in the long run. When there are too many options, choices and possibilities to process through the mind, the only way to gain clarity is to turn to the heart and allow it to lead.


How the month shows up:


This is the month of personal revolution. What needs to be revolutionized in your life? What kind of chaos can you be proactive with? What can you destabilize that feels stuck and needing change? What can you clean out, get rid of and upgrade? Hairdressers will be busy and thrift stores overflowing as people grab the opportunity to move some energy and make changes. You will want to change something but be practical and not overly impulsive.

Something you may have been thinking about starting or changing but just haven’t gotten around to it or the timing was not right will all of a sudden be an option. Things can happen very fast in this kind of energy. Use the destructive side of chaos to dismantle a structure that no longer serves and make room for something new and creative. Enjoy the potential for spontaneity that instability brings.

Your biggest challenge this month will be to keep some middle ground of neutrality amidst the chaos and to stay out of other people’s drama. Even if it is someone close to you, just because they are having a hard time does not mean you have to be there with them and suffer along. Always embrace any instability as an opportunity to do something or see something in a different way.  The anchor and grounding will come from your connection to the earth and not your connection to others.



Relationships will certainly go through a hard time this month as instability always affects them first. This is where the trust of the heart comes in. If you know intuitively to move towards or away from certain relationships, your task is to follow that intuition and intelligence of your heart. Old promises and commitments based on a mental understanding of responsibility may be up for review. Not all relationships will survive.

If you are left hanging due to the choices of another, see it as a huge opportunity to reset some of your own priorities that will inform future relationships in a different way. What did not work? What did? What could be better? What do you need? What are you done with?

If you are the one moving away, do so with compassion and confidence but not guilt. A clean and sudden break is always better than a slow death even though it may be shocking at first. It is better to be in full chaos for a little while than in sort of chaos for a long time.

This is also a great month to complete karma with old relationships, forgive the past, take risks in new relationships and completely destabilize your life in the relationship arena if that is what it takes to move things forward. This is not a month to stagnate. So, get things moving in all relationships: work mates, both intimate and business partners, family members, support people, friends and community.



The big issues and challenges this month will be bones, teeth, skin, joints, brain activity, balance and memory. Mental and emotional health will also be challenged as we deal with instability on all levels of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. The task is to stay out of fear and see that many of these symptoms are a result of unstable energy rather than an actual physiological condition.

This is a good month to do a detox of some kind. We are all receptacles of old energy that needs to be cleaned out once in a while. Detoxify your mind by a fast from media and news, negative thoughts and judgments, and too much thinking. Detoxify your emotions by staying away from disturbing situations and toxic people. Fill yourself instead with emotional beauty of music and art. Detoxify your body through a fast of some kind and drink plenty of water. A detox will destabilize your system for a while but give you an opportunity to re-stabilize it with a new and higher vibration of cleaner energy in all forms.



This is a great month to restructure, expand or downsize, make changes, eliminate some things and add others, bring in some outside support, and shake things up. Anytime you have gotten too complacent about where things are in your work or business or partnerships, you have fallen asleep.

When you are driving a car down a straight road with no traffic it is easy to pay less attention, let your mind wander and be half asleep. If the weather and the traffic is unstable, you are likely to pay close attention and to be much more present. It is the same in these times. The more unstable, the more you pay attention. We suggest being proactive with change in the business and partnership and project area. If you take the initiative, you take responsibility and then you have more say in how it turns out. If you are at the other end of a restructure, always see it as a positive opportunity for change.

Pay attention, be present, seize opportunities, take risks, be confident not guilty and enjoy the instability and chaos instead of resisting it. If you are let go or lose the structure of a job, have gratitude for the freedom. If you make a commitment or a change that destabilizes your life, step up to the responsibility and embrace the chaos.



When the environment is unstable, anything goes and anything can happen. You can never be fully prepared so don’t spend your time obsessing about being prepared. Be flexible and adaptable instead. This does not mean never make plans. It just means be prepared to change them, to do something different and to be just as satisfied with the adapted course as with the original plan. Be present with what is so you don’t drive your mind into chaos with all the “what ifs” and projected expectations.

The weather could be unstable and unexpected with heavy winds, unusual storm activity, rain and cold one day and unseasonably warm the next. There is power in instability and less so when things are stable and predictable. You can be lulled into sleep way more easily when the weather is calm and gentle than when you are in the middle of a storm.

In your personal environment, expect and welcome a bit of chaos as it will make room for change. Change is the operative word here. Make sure that you change something, get rid of something or upgrade something in your environment this month. It could be as dramatic as a change of location for home or work.



May 1-8: We are fired up this week and rearing to go. It will be necessary to watch impatience and to stay out of judgment, irritability and frustration. Different things will destabilize for different people so have compassion for yourself and others as you witness and experience the challenges of dealing with chaos and trying to prioritize what is not yet clear. Take a few things off your plate if you need to and keep your eye on what is most important. Make sure you build in at least a few minutes every day just to do nothing. When you stop to regroup, you allow things to find their order of flow. Strive for balance between being proactive in pushing the change, and allowing for right timing and rhythm.

It is a good time frame to at least plant the seeds of a new project or to make a commitment to a new partnership.


May 9-15: You may feel overwhelmed with the chaos right about now. If there is a way you can be excited about all the opportunities instead of weary and despairing it would serve you better. Listen to your own heart rather than to others that will be trying to tell you what to do, where to be and what you need. Practice allowing the order to come to you rather than chasing it down the road.

This is a good time frame to be more creative, eccentric and to think a bit outside the box. If you do, new solutions to old problems could manifest out of thin air. It is important to be creative and use yourself and your personal environment during this time frame as a canvas and container for creativity.


May 10: Full Moon is Wednesday, May 10, at 3:42PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This full moon can bring out stress levels or celebration. Let’s go for celebration. It would be better to have a some fun than to allow yourself to get bogged down with responsibility, pressure and chaos. Work with chaos creatively and be a little eccentric. A good day to do something new and out of the ordinary. Surprise yourself.


May 16-23: We are likely to see the destructive side of chaos during this time. The feminine when faced with injustice and restriction can act out viciously so watch for impulsive behavior and melt-downs. If something needs the element of destruction, it will become clear. This is the time when the mental structures need to surrender to the intelligence and intuition of the heart. So, if you are faced with major decisions and choices that are not clear to you, use the heart as your compass and feel into the choice. Get as comfortable with chaos as you can and trust that if you allow for a higher order to organize the chaos, it will.

It is a revolutionary time and changing how you navigate through your intentions and choices will set you up for a new way of being in the world. The change you make will have a ripple effect and affect all your relations.


May 24-31: Priorities, commitment and boundaries are the themes for this time frame. If you have gotten some clarity about your priorities you need to act on them during this time. Some choices and changes will take courage and inner strength as they won’t meet everyone’s approval. If you still feel overwhelmed and slightly derailed by instability and chaos, find ways to gain some grounding and focus. Engage in small mundane tasks and practice making decisions from your heart.

This time frame comes with a lot of energy and we find ourselves fired up and inspired again by the possibilities. Just make sure you always have an anchor and a priority to guide you in the right direction. The inspiration feels good but you can get overwhelmed if you focus too long on the chaos and not enough on trusting the stability that will come with time.


May 25: New Moon is Thursday, May 25 at 1:44 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). You can experience this new moon either from a place of despair and suffering over loss, confusion or chaos in your life, or you can be in deep gratitude for the experiences that you have had and the lessons learned. The impermanence of life should be honored and the nostalgia of times past celebrated.

This could be an emotional moon with a sense of wanting some space to be alone. However, community is important as well and it is advised that you get support to be in a space of beauty, love and wonder instead of dark despair. Even though a new moon is a time for going within and resetting priorities and intentions, this moon does have an element of reaching out for community support.

Have a wonderful month!


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