The Theme for July is TRANSFORMATION – Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci

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Radical, sudden, emotional, excruciating, higher centered, painful, ecstatic TRANSFORMATION. And, it’s all about LOVE.

July is a 2 Act Play. In the first act, the first two weeks, you are likely to get a tour of your emotions, fears and all the attachments that are in the way of this transformation. The second act begins on the 16th and brings love, compassion and a higher emotional centered energy to everything, anchoring this TRANSFORMATION through beauty and love.

We could also say that this month is all about love; transforming fear into power through love, transforming doubt into confidence through love, transforming old emotional wounds into great wisdom through love. It is an opportunity for us all to learn our lessons through the tough love of spirit and to finally begin to love and cherish ourselves deeply and unconditionally.

Much of what has happened in the world is because of fear: fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of entrapment, fear of abandonment, fear of what we may feel, fear of what we night not feel, fear of what we may lose, fear of losing control, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being seen, and many others.

We have reached a point in our evolution where it is time to break out of the cocoon of fear and allow ourselves to soar with new wings from a place of love. This will not happen overnight, but we have a chance this month at a good start.

So the first couple of weeks may not be an easy time. You may have to revisit your emotional psyche and do a bit of clearing. You may feel triggered, impatient, reactive, emotional, cranky, irritated, out of sorts, discouraged, overwhelmed, defensive, mistrusting, and have a general feeling that nothing is working in your life. There is a pressure to transform something, but the clarity is not there yet. This too shall pass. Meet this time with discipline around your practices and self-care. Focusing on how you can better support yourself and who you are is key to your own personal transformation. Set strong intentions to be affected only by the positives around you and don’t take other people’s negativity and reactions personally.

When fear comes up, as it will, examine it and see it to be the illusion that it is. Especially fear of “what could happen” is not grounded in anything real. It is imagined and fabricated from a library of past events that should really cease to run the show. Your instinctive center as well as the first chakra hold all of your survival information that often triggers fear. It is important that you work with your instinctive center this month and bring it into present time so it is not triggered by old programs and past karmic experiences.

So in these first two weeks you get a chance at “karmic clean-up” and completions. Completions are an important factor in allowing transformation. To the extent that you are holding on to how something “should have been or should have happened”, you have not completed that experience for yourself and therefore holding yourself back from your own evolution and getting in the way of your own transformation. Forgive and move on. Focus on completion, letting go, and bringing yourself into the present. If everyone could simply focus on eliminating fear by being present and acknowledging love, we could truly change the world.

Remember that whatever it is you feed, that is what will grow. So feed the love, not the fear.

The second half of the month brings with it the higher emotional center. This is the energy of love, connection, agape, a huge open heart and an experience of essence connection. It is the same influence that we had in the 1960’s that initiated the incredible creativity and revolution in music, art, relationships, community and radical innovative ideas. The higher emotional center is the fuel that will feed a new version of creative revolution more focused on spirit and with a greater sense of maturity and purpose.

During this time, you may feel yourself greatly inspired to do something radical and outside your comfort zone. It is a time to connect with others, to feed your creativity, to come up with new ideas and to fall in love with yourself, your life and everything around you.


How the month shows up:




Radical personal transformation is possible. Start with taking care of yourself, loving yourself, giving yourself the time and space for emotional assimilation, clearing, healing, and allowing yourself to prioritize your life according to what matters the most to you. Give yourself permission to be irritated and cranky as long as it does not affect others. Be careful of impatience and judgment and always move yourself to a place of compassion and forgiveness.

You have the opportunity this month to end up not recognizing yourself (in a good way). Things could be that different. Transformation can happen suddenly with a huge change in your life that may appear to be challenging at first. This could bring up blame, judgment and possibly even anger. Trust in spirit that whatever you are drawing towards you as an experience is somehow integral to the big picture of your life unfolding in the right way.

Make sure this month to take time for yourself in the area of self-care. How can you best support your own priorities? How can you take better care of yourself as your own most valuable possession? Remember to have compassion and forgiveness and to be in love with yourself.



This is a trying month for relationships in the first half and a beautiful month for relationships in the second half. As you focus on your own emotional needs and self-care in the first half, it will become very apparent who does not support you and who does. Don’t take it personally. It may be time to move on.

Important relationships that have been somewhat stagnant have an opportunity to rekindle some creativity and inspiration as long as they don’t get mired in blame, resentment and misunderstandings. Transformation is most radical in the relationship with yourself that that of course will influence all your relationships.

Because of the need for completion of karmic cycles as well as letting go of the past, many relationships will be affected. Some will go by the wayside and some will go through deep transformation into something new. Radical transformation can include sudden changes in relationships, some beginning and some ending.

It is important this month to be emotionally open, to process and heal old relationship wounds, and to take full responsibility for your part on the karmic wheel of relationship lessons. Get to the place of complete acceptance and love. It will serve you well.



We mentioned the self-care piece which is integral to the month. If you practice it, your health and well-being will improve. Put yourself first this month through self-love and miracles can happen. Love your body and your body will love you.

The physical body wants to move. It is a good month to take up dancing, running, sports, aerobics and other ways to move the body.

Well-being this month includes the movement of energy. You may be inspired to take road trip or have a change of scene, do some travel and be stimulated by other environments and information. Shake it up, change it up, change your routines, be available for something to change and transform.



There is a pressure to transform everything including environments. Completion and clearing of what represents the old is important. What are you holding on to? What is your motivation for doing so? Examine your environment with new eyes and be ruthless about making change. Anything that is old energy or a “someday I will do something with this” needs to be either let go of, completed or revitalized.

Work with the energy of love and make sure you love your environment. If you don’t, it will be difficult to feel supported by it. If there are things that irritate you, ask yourself why? What are you putting up with that does not resonate with you? What can you transform? If you share your environment, where can you be accommodating, less resistant and more accepting without completely compromising yourself?

As to nature and the greater planetary environment, look for events that will cause the greatest transformation. These may be sudden and radical and could even be devastating. But they also create the opportunity to bring communities together on a foundation of love and compassion in order to experience a higher emotionally centered time through it all. In this way the fear that may be generated through an experience beyond our control can be transformed into power through love.



Your personal transformation will inform what happens in your business, and with your projects and partnerships. If you put yourself first as we are suggesting, whatever needs change will go through a transformation. Watch irritability and impatience as energy that has been on hold for a time is suddenly ready to move. Focus on connecting with the higher purpose of a project and a higher vibration that is possible in all business and partnerships.

Priorities and motivation play a big part in what goes through transformation this month. Be in love with your work. Be in love with your partners. Be in love with your business. Be in love with your service. If you are not, you should be putting your energy into something where you can be.



July 1-7: A testy time where you could be irritated by the smallest things. Don’t try and solve everything or figure everything out. Not everything is your problem. Patience, compassion and trust in right timing is the theme for this week. Slow down, relax, be in your heart. The rest will take care of itself.

Examine your fears as they come up, release them, and put some energy into the practical organization of your life, especially your self-care as a priority.


July 4: New Moon is Monday, July 4, at 5:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is an emotional moon and in keeping with the themes for the month, use it to focus on your self-care, your personal needs and healing your heart. How do you heal your heart? You love yourself, you cherish who you are and you treat yourself like you would treat the most valuable thing in your life. Pay attention to beauty and allow the higher emotional center to be activated in you through the beauty you see in your life and all around you.

You can be greatly inspired during this time, or you can get mired in your judgments, cynicism, and all the nasty negative feelings you have been holding on to for so long, maybe even lifetimes. It is time to move on from all of it, to put yourself first, to forgive others and to allow the transformation that wants to happen to begin to unfold. Spend some time in and around water today if you can, and use it to nurture and feed something new and unique to you that wants to grow and emerge.

Be patient with others, accommodate them in your life, but take care of yourself first.


July 8-15: This time frame easily lends itself to depression, anxiety, looking at the negatives, feeling unworthy, discouraged, despairing and lethargic. Don’t resist the emotions but at the same time do not indulge. It will not serve you.

Put good boundaries around your allotted time for whining and complaining, and then get over it. You probably all have a lot going on in your life that can use some attention. Prioritize and nurture what you value most. Instead of just holding on and waiting for this time to be over, use it wisely. Take every reaction, every fear, every negative emotion and transform it into something else through love.


July 16-22: Finally, we have come into a time where everything seems to open up including our hearts. All the lessons this week are about how to live with one foot in both worlds, the world of magic, spirit, higher centered energy of love and a connection to all; and the world of the mundane where you take care of your basic needs and responsibilities, clean up after yourself and make sure all your security needs are met.

One minute you are cleaning the refrigerator with you focus simply on the task, and the next minute you are inspired by the magic of creation all around you. During great transformation, there may be times when you simply do not recognize yourself or your surroundings. You may be driving down a very familiar road but if your mind goes to a higher state, you may no longer recognize the road.

These experiences are designed to expand consciousness and transform energies. Welcome them instead of being fearful. Be inspired during this time by the possibilities. Look forward.


July 19: Full Moon is Tuesday, July 19, at 4:57PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Work with the earth during this full moon. It is a time to ground and anchor new truth, new personal practices, new intentions, new resolutions, new relationships and new ideas. If you are still operating out of old structures, they may take the opportunity to self-destruct.

In fact, this full moon could bring in a time of witnessing the self-destruction of old outdated structures. On the other hand, it can also bring in a new frequency of energy that invites us all to play in that higher emotional center. Focus on love!


June 23-31:  A time of being in love. It is a time to do whatever you can to focus on love, loving yourself, loving the process, loving the lessons, loving the support, loving spirit, loving your environment, loving your creativity, loving your work and service, loving the magic of life, and to just be in love with everything. This is a higher centered time of emotional revolution, of seeing things differently, of having a new unique experience of your life, of access to more power, bliss and inspiration and to really feel like you are setting your life on a satisfying path.

If you are not there yet, have patience. Perhaps there is something that need to be completed first in order to free you up for transformation or perhaps there is still fear. Just keep working at it, chipping away at the armor of attachment and falling more deeply in love with yourself and others.

Have a great month!


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