The Theme for August is COLLABORATION – Power Path Monthly Forecast

by Nanci

Although the experiences you may have during the month could be as diverse as the population of the planet, the theme of COLLABORATION gets to the foundation of what is needed right now in everyone’s life if we are to set things up in the best way possible for a positive future.

What is COLLABORATION? Collaboration is working in cooperation with others to achieve a common goal.

The time for going about it alone is over. We are fully entering the cycle of relationship orientation, and if we are to survive and accomplish what we are here to do, we need to collaborate not only with others but ourselves as well. How often do we sabotage ourselves when the heart wants to proceed but the mind has other ideas? Or when the mind has an idea but the heart is frozen in fear? Or when the body simply refuses to cooperate?

This is perhaps the place to start, the collaboration between all of your complex personal aspects: personality, body, mind, heart and spirit.

Since the month carries a great deal of fiery masculine energy for accomplishment, action and determination, it is an excellent opportunity to bring all of your personal aspects into collaboration with each other.

The beginning of the month and the new moon supports telling the truth to yourself about where you have resistance and why you sabotage yourself from stepping fully into your power. This may be depressing, sobering and could make you defensive, angry and reactive. Take that energy and turn it around into a proactive determination to move forward no matter what. It is helpful to spend a little time in clearing the decks and releasing where you are still attached or holding on to old wounds, injustices, regrets, disappointments and trauma.

It really is time to release the past no matter how unfinished you may feel about certain events. You are not eliminating your responsibilities; you are simply changing your relationship to what you are responsible for. What if you could feel totally neutral about everything that causes you to feel angry, resentful, depressed, self- judging, despairing and generally negative? Most negative emotional reactions have their roots in the past. It will be important to watch and observe what triggers you this month and become as neutral as possible as you consciously let go of any attachment you might have to being victimized, right or damaged goods.

How does the theme of COLLABORATION fit into all of this?

You cannot do it alone. You need all of your parts (body, mind, heart, spirit) on board and you need your “team” of support. Remember this is a time of building relationships, not going more deeply into separation. We are still under interesting astrological influences that are forcing us to realign our priorities and to really clear the past so we can step into the future on a different vibrational platform. This takes team work and collaboration.  The world wide web of the internet has provided us with the ability to connect virtually on a global level. Now the time has come to work on our own web of support by asking for help, embracing collaboration with others, and bringing all the parts of ourselves online and on the same page.

Most of you are feeling a stressed combination of being highly inspired by all the potential opportunities you have glimpsed one day, and tossed down into despair by some challenge that came out of nowhere the next day. It is easy to lose the inspiration and dive down into the negative. The higher centered influence triggers the extremes and it is important to stay flexible, a bit like doing a dance.

Remember that you are not alone. Acknowledge that you have help and begin to honor the collaboration available to you at this time. Since this is a month that supports action and the masculine qualities of “will” and “determination”, use them wisely and positively to ask for what you need. Use the times of inspiration to dream bigger with the help and collaboration of others.


How the month shows up:


If collaboration is working in cooperation with others to achieve a common goal, then on a personal level this cooperation needs to include all parts and aspects of yourself. Your goal in life is to do and be what you came here to do and be. If you do not have the cooperation of your body, mind, heart and spirit, you cannot achieve that goal. This month provides a great opportunity to observe which parts are not on board and to bring them all on to the same page. How is this done?

First through telling the truth, second through complete acceptance, and third through forgiveness of the past. Work with your body to give it what it needs. Collaborate with those that can help you with physical issues. Tell the truth, be accepting and forgive.

Discipline your mind to release the past and the attachment it has to how it all should be and to being “right”. Open your heart to the possibilities of being fully loved and supported. Forgive and release the fear from past wounds and trauma. Allow your essence and spirit to take the lead, trusting that it will lead you well. Set intentions that all your parts will collaborate with each other to align you into your power and your full potential.


This is a big month for relationships. Collaboration is all about building stronger and more trusting relationships with the different parts of yourself as well as with others. There is no room for competition, standing out as the “king of the mountain”, or needing to be singled out as the one at the top. Collaboration is about building a team where everyone does their part. You will be the master of whatever role you play in the collaboration.

If we can get this lesson of learning to work together in harmony and cooperation, the future will unfold for us as a collective in a very beautiful way. However, if we continue to act independently out of the old pattern of separation, competition, comparison and judgment, we will only extend and prolong the period of suffering, loneliness and despair.

We cannot do it alone. And in order for there to be true collaboration, we have to get over ourselves, our self-centered self -doubt, self-deprecation and low self-esteem. It is time to acknowledge and honor the magnificence that we all are as human beings and stop wallowing in our own delicious self-pity. We all have a role to play in the greater collaboration of evolving the planet to the best future possible. We are all powerful individually but in collaborative relationship, we can be super heroes.

Start with the relationships around you. How can you be in better collaboration with your family, your significant other, your children, your closest loved ones? Then move to your current work, staff, coworkers, clients, community members, friends, partners in business or pleasure and improve your collaboration wherever possible. If your efforts are meeting unsurmountable resistance, it may be time to look elsewhere for new opportunities.


Collaboration can be helpful to health this month. If you need support to bring your health up to the best it can be, focus on building a “health team” that is a collaboration of different parts that will work together to achieve this goal. Good physical health is always a collaboration of exercise, diet, practices, discipline, desire, balance and support. Mental and emotional health is much the same with the addition of inspiration, beauty, stimulation, love and acceptance.

Make sure you spend a little time this month reviewing the different elements of your collaborative team. If you are missing someone or something, this is a good time to call it in. Whatever you are missing or need more of will become very transparent and hard to miss. So instead of being frustrated with the lack, focus on filling the gaps. Ask and you shall receive.


Everything is connected and we become more aware of this on a global level. Look for the possibility of new ideas and inspiration for global collaboration on environmental issues. There is a new understanding that when you treat one aspect the whole is affected. This is especially true for water. There is a grass roots movement to collaborate on “making things right” so despite the seeming polarization, destruction and lack of cooperation, there is progress that is occurring on a foundational level not yet seen manifest.

On an individual level, it is a good month to make changes in your personal environment with collaboration. Ask for advice and get help. Many hands make fast work. Think also about how you can be part of someone else’s collaborative effort. Make time to help others whether your talent lies in inspiring new ideas or physical labor. It takes a village….


A great month to start new projects or complete old ones with some new energy. It is a good time to take inventory and revisit old projects that were put on hold to see if they should be revived under a new collaborative effort. New undertakings will be more successful if they are not done alone. Bring in your team and bring in your support. Those who perhaps were not interested in cooperating in the past, may very well be interested in cooperating now.

It is important to keep negative energies out for all business and projects and infuse them instead with a positive higher centered attitude.  Since we have this energy available to us, make sure that whatever you begin has its start on this higher centered platform. If you are reviving an old project, consciously restart it on a different vibration as well as with a new collaboration.

There is a lot of movement and action this month that could be very good for all business projects and partnerships. Much of what has been slogging through the logjams of the retrograde energies can break loose and gain some momentum. However, you will need to continue to be vigilant and pay attention to personal triggers, to others being triggered and to irrational negative behavior. Remember not to take things personally and to be responsible for your own behavior and reactions.



August 1-7: An energetic time and excellent for resetting priorities, cleaning out closets and recommitting to the important things in your life. Watch for impatience, frustration and flare ups of anger. It is a “hot” energy time that can be channeled into physical activity, hard work and proactively dealing with challenges. If you are hit with unexpected challenges, don’t get “down”, get “busy”.

Those of you who may have been feeling waves of lethargy and low energy last month could now be more energized. Be careful not to overdo it and wear yourself out. Look to delegate and collaborate instead of going at it alone. It’s more fun that way.

The challenge will be not to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities, the inspiration, the call to action, the amount of projects on your plate, the demands of others and the desire you personally have to show up in a bigger way. Use this time frame to set a new container of good boundaries, personal priorities and a reasonable action plan that includes help and support.

August 2: New Moon is Tuesday, August 2 at 2:44 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Use this moon as a restart. Let go of how you are holding or still processing all the ups and downs of transformative July.  Forgive what has not gone so well, acknowledge what has, take a deep breath and regroup so you can step out more fully into your life with courage and a new resolve. This is a time to make some inner commitments to yourself about what you will do from now on and what you will not do anymore from now on.

This new moon brings us all an opportunity for some inner truth telling and gives us the energy and clarity for new resolutions and determination. The energy of the sun empowers the masculine qualities of “will” and “action”. That which has been set in motion during transformative and squirrelly July, can now find a new alignment for moving forward.

You cannot do it alone. So start the cycle of this new moon by gathering your support and asking for help when you need it.

Don’t let this new moon go by without honoring it and yourself in some way.

August 8-15: A good week for reorganizing and realigning. This includes changing your relationship with your past and doing some personal work in self-discovery new ideas, inspiration, creativity and desires that could lead to new intentions. This time frame also supports restructuring the way you do things as you bring in a new structure of collaboration into your goals and intentions. What seemed impossible can now be contemplated as possible. What seemed doomed, can now be resurrected. What seemed at the end of its life, may now be restarted and expanded on. This could either be a really fun time frame, highly creative, social and inspiring, or it can enflame your irritation with everything that is not working optimally in your life. Make it fun. If irritated, find the humor in your situation.

August 16-22: In this time frame look for unexpected opportunities as well as unexpected situations to deal with. Focus on collaboration as your best problem solving tool. You may need lots of help and support in many areas of your life. Instead of seeing this as a failure or a problem, see it as an opportunity to be in community in an inspiring way. So be inspired instead of negatively judgmental. We are approaching a time of intense aggressive energy that will be a final punch through to a new level of understanding and functioning on the positive side, but can leave some destruction in its wake. Watch for accidents as the physical plane struggles to adjust.

August 18: Full Moon is Thursday, August 18 at 3:27 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), This is a good day for spontaneity, flexibility in your schedule, and being social with old friends or new ones. Do something different and say yes to some eccentric opportunity that may show up for you. If you have been working hard, take a break today. If you have been overly serious in your efforts to heal, balance, get your life on track and organize your work and your environment, take a break and focus on play for a change.

A full moon is always good time to honor and celebrate what you have achieved and what you have received and to focus on the fullness of life rather than any lack.

August 23-31: The beginning of this time frame is still in the window of aggression and powerful movement forward with the physical plane adjusting. It is still wise to be very vigilant and present so as to avoid unnecessary accidents. But if you happen to be caught in the crossfire, see it as an assemblage point reset for yourself and a chosen event for some higher purpose.

You may also be dealing with the fallout of some breakage of vehicles, machinery, appliances, electronics, or your body as well as other things in your physical environment. Get help, bring in your team, collaborate with others on reframing this to be an improvement rather than some sort of backslide setting you back. Be in acceptance, forgiveness and neutrality and don’t forget to have some fun and be in humor. It’s a bit of a time of “chop wood, carry water” and taking care of the details of your physical life but it can still be fun!

Have a great month!


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