Have you wanted to transfer electrical power to a wide range far from your premises, garage, to an event maybe? I believe many times and at times you have had to make a lot of tiresome connections that have wasted much of your time. Far from that many unmanaged connections can lead to huge destruction and dysfunction of your equipment. It is advisable therefore to acquire an Extremely Durable giraffe retractable extension cord reel. Not only will it serve you best but it will be durable and efficient. Everybody in the market today is in pursuit of getting the extremely durable retractable cord reel. Many cord reels and cords have come up and I believe you are confused about which to work for you. Giraffe Tools have gone great miles to bring to you the most efficient and extremely durable retractable cord reel and cord.

Extremely durable cord reel

The giraffe cord reel is made of heavy-duty and durable materials. The casing is made up of strong polypropylene. This casing is not subject to rust or destruction in all extreme conditions. It is resistant to oils, water, U.V light and alkali among other extremes. Giraffe retractable cord reel therefore will give you the best lasting assurance.

Giraffe retractable extension cord reel has a manual circuit breaker that has a control button.

The giraffe retractable system has an adjustable cord stopper. This adjustable stopper is made of a slow technology that allows the cord to retract or be pulled gently. It has a guide system that will allow you to increase and reduce the length of your cord that remains when the cord is fully retracted. The cord is set to lock at a 2ft. increment. The main purpose of the adjustable cable stopper will be to ensure that the outlet is always at your reach.

Giraffe retractable cord reel has three taps through which you can have three plugs at the same time. These plugs are lighted up to show you the functionality status.

Auto-retracting system

The giraffe team has been in pursuit to come up with the best efficient cord reel that will work best for you. There is no more strain in manually retracting the cord to the reel. Manual retracting has caused a lot of damage to the cord such as kinking. A giraffe auto-retracting extension cord reel is available for you. The cord reel has a racketing mechanism that allows the cord to wind out and rewinding.

Easy installation

The giraffe extensional cord reel is easily mounted on the wall or a bench. Mounting will help you have your extensional cord originating from a well-selected part of your garage. It will improve order in your garage too. The extension cord reel has a swivel bracket that can rotate to 180 degrees to serve your power needs in all directions.

Giraffe extensional cords

The giraffe extensional cables are the best you can have in the market. They can be used in any conditions without fear of tear or rust. They are resistant to acids, alkalis, oil and water among others. They are SJTOW cords of high quality and are extremely durable.



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