The Comparison Between Gas and Electric Pressure Washers: Which Choice is Best?

by Nanci

Giraffe tools’ pressure washer can come as either a gas or electric pressure washer. It depends on the one you choose. Making that choice, however, is always a tough one because of the similarities and comparisons between the two options. The two options of gas and electric are not the only options you have when it comes to choosing a pressure washer, they are only the most common. You also have a choice to take the battery-powered pressure washers. Pressure washers are generally versatile devices. They can perform a number of cleaning surfaces over various textures. These machines are growing popular, and the popularity is a direct breed of competition. As a result, numerous brands have come up with their version of their pressure washers. However, we have generally arrived at two main classes: the electric and gas pressure washers.

Whether you buy the gas pressure washer or the electric option, you will still pay more in terms of price. You will either buy more gas because of your pressure washer or your electric bill will increase. Either way, the financial impact of either gas or electric pressure washers are not very different. However, there are clear differences between an electric pressure washer and its gas counterparts. The main difference is the power source and the kind of pressure that comes with the device. The pressure of gas pressure washers is usually higher than the electric counterparts. In this guide, we will go over the debate between electric and gas pressure washers and you get to choose your best option.

Gas pressure washer meaning

This pressure washer simply means your device relies mainly on gas to run. Usually, the gas is either the premium motor spirit or diesel. However, you will need oil to ensure the smooth running of the device. The pressure coming from this gas pressure washer is higher and it is mostly used in a commercial setting. Gas pressure washers can be used in the home. However, it is specifically for hard areas, and if you want to use it for any soft part, you need to be careful about the pressure setting. Some of the benefits of owning a gas pressure washer include;

  • High cleaning rating
  • Takes away tough stains easily.
  • Quick washing and it lasts long
  • You will not be risking water with electricity.

Some of the downsides of owning a gas pressure washer include;

  • Higher cost of purchase
  • The force may spoil some materials.

What’s an electric pressure washer

As the name suggests, the electric pressure washer is also a good pressure washer with its source of electricity. You Have to connect an electric cable to start the device and keep it running. Scientifically and generally, it makes no sense to combine electricity and water together. But that is exactly what is going on with the electric pressure washer. However, that is what buying from a reputable organization helps you to avoid. Because they are reputable, you can rest assured of a good engineering done. However, that should not deter you from thinking safe. Some benefits of the electric pressure washer include;

  • Safe for domestic use
  • Cheaper than gas pressure washers
  • Stands the test of time.

The main downside of this device is the electric risk.

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