*Teacher Feature* Introducing Amit Raina

by Nanci

Amit was born in Srinagar, Kashmir India to a Brahman (highest ranking of the Indian social classes) family. His grand father was a disciple of Swami Ram Ji who is from the lineage of Abninavagupta. His mother Krishna is a master in Sanskrit and father Dwarka Nath is a great follower of lord Shiva. Being born into the Kashmir Shaivism tradition and having interest in spirituality from young age, he grew up around great shaivite masters. This had a profound effect on Amit’s development and growth as a young student, leading him to start practicing meditation and yoga from young age. In the city of Pune while working as an Engineer, he was in a deep meditation and had a strong vision which led him to leave the comforts of his life and travel all over the Himalayas as a Sadhu (Holy Man), staying in various ashrams for six years on an intense spiritual journey. Through this process he connected with the deepest essence of his being and discovered his true calling as a yoga and philosophy teacher.

He studied the philosophy of hatha yoga, asana, pranayama and satkarmas at Gurukula kangri Vishwavidyalaya in the sacred city of Haridwar in the faculty of Oriental Studies and received his certificate in yoga. He then went to the famous Bihar School of Yoga in Munger where he received his certificate in Yogic Studies gaining a deeper understanding of satyananda yoga, karma yoga, Bakthi yoga and Jnana yoga.

Next he studied with world renowned yoga master B.K.S Iyengar at his Yoga Institute in Pune, India for more than fourteen years where he focused on body alignment, the proper use of props, correct postures and pranayams. He is  certified by Guru Ji BKS Iyengar as an official Iyengar Yoga teacher. He also studied Tantra and various scriptures at the feet of various masters to whom he bows his head with deep respect. Amit is a devoted practitioner and regularly practices the meditations as prescribed by the scriptures of Agamas and Hatha yoga.

He has been teaching his unique and deeply authentic style of yoga through out the world and in India, honoring his heritage as spreads the real meaning of Tantra.

Amit is an ERYT 500 ( Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) recognized by the Yoga Alliance

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