*Teacher Feature* Interview With Erin Tetarenko

by Nanci


“Insightful, Effective, Elegant. Erin is the most effective Life Coach I have ever worked with. She is artful in how she guided me toward awareness with my blind spots, she was intuitive about the layers of my experience, and she was highly effective in helping me transform emotional stress into productive energy. I found her broad perspective and full range of experience in coaching brought the right combination of tools to help me. I am a huge fan of her work.”
-Kaileen Sherk, Personal Growth Specialist


Meet Erin Tetarenko from i.be (www.ibelife.com), she is the teacher/ life coach for our Bali Retreat this September!

Erin is the founder of i.be, personal and leadership coach, yoga teacher, and visionary. She is passionate about elevating leaders and communities to discover enduring vitality and fulfillment through science, coaching and connection.

Learn more about Erin and i.be and all the wonderful wisdom she shares in this interview:

-Why did you create i.be?

i.be was created to support and empower people: the leaders, the visionaries, the unique souls who naturally aspire to be positive change agents and those who have a desire to contribute.

-What does i.be do?

i.be provides a holistic and integrative approach to life and leadership coaching, teaches health (and helping) professionals coaching skills, and connects leaders through coaching retreats.

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.” – Rumi

-Who do you work with?

My focus is on coaching aspiring leaders including helping professionals, coaches, and those passionate about creating positive change in people’s lives.

-Why is coaching leaders important to you?

Coaching the leaders allows for a widespread reach. Leaders teach others what they discover and, as a result, there is a ripple effect that spreads into the communities

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” – Paulo Coehlo

Leaders in health and wellbeing have the ability to positively change lives and it starts with doing their own work. i.be coaching encourages them to take care of their own needs while helping them to gain clarity, perspective and more life satisfaction. When leaders are healthy and fulfilled, they are in a better position to support others.

Along with supporting their personal development with coaching programs, I teach them practical coaching skills to improve the way they interact in all their important relationships – professional and personal – and to maximize the life changing work that they do.

-What is your vision for i.be?

My big vision is a global health and wellness community of coaches and leaders who live authentic, full, and meaningful lives and create enduring positive change by using science and practical coaching skills to best support the people they work with.

-What makes you different from other coaches?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Ghandi

I provide a holistic and integrative approach to coaching. I have over 10 years of practical experience working with people to improve their health and life experience; top quality education in health and human performance; and, Masters level education in coaching psychology.
I’m always looking to fill my toolbox with a variety of tools, techniques, and approaches to best support my clients. Having a full toolbox allows me to individualize each coaching session to meet the specific needs, challenges, and desires of the people I work with.
A special ‘thank you’ to some inspiring people in my life for asking me this questions and challenging me to dig a bit deeper and share my truth.

-What to you is an essential quality in a life coach/ teacher?

“when one teaches, two learn” – Robert Heinlein

I believe it’s important to trust in the inner wisdom of people – to hold them creative, resourceful and as masters in their own lives.

Coaching is essentially about ‘drawing out’ information to create greater clarity, perspective, and choice. Teaching also involves ‘drawing out’ information with the added sharing of knowledge. When a student is presented information, she may be able to integrate this new information into her existing mental models, this is horizontal learning. Though when information is presented in a way that encourages critical thinking and challenges her existing mental models, this invites new ideas and new ways of thinking. This is vertical learning – where paradigm shifts happen. And, perhaps, the paradigm shift not only happens for the student but for the teacher as well.

-What are some challenges you have faced in becoming a coach/ teacher?

Being confronted with my mirrors and facing my own ‘inner dialogue’.

My greatest learning was realizing that I can be my own worst critic AND I have the choice to be my own best friend.

I’ve learned to accept and appreciate creativity over perfectionism, self-compassion over self-criticism, and teamwork over competition.

Looking at my own mirror and taking responsibility for myself hasn’t been easy – it’s challenging, uncomfortable, and involves suffering. But, it’s absolutely liberating and worth it.

-What are the biggest benefits coaching/ teaching has brought you?

Wow – so many.

I get to fall in love with humanity everyday. I see people in an authentic and vulnerable space – a space where connection begins. I see their layers and watch them shed those which no longer serves them. I see people own their stories and grow from their lessons.

-What is your favourite place on earth?

Anywhere, as long as I’m immersed in nature and have someone with me to share a good conversation.

Though, I’m totally smitten with Nicaragua. Somehow this incredible place teaches me more and more each visit – answering the questions I never knew I had. I learn new ways to live and am reminded of how I want to be in this lifetime.

-Other then people, what has taught you the most on your path?

Nature and Silence.


-Book some coaching from Erin today or check out what she offers on her i.be website!



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