*Retreat Feature* ‘Smitten With Life’ Yoga Retreat In Nicaragua

by Nanci

Photo by Chad Smith

Amongst the myriad of definitions for the word, most would likely agree that to be a Yogi is to be lovingly immersed in the craft of being alive.

On our mats, we cultivate a wise attentiveness toward the little things like the conscious grounding of our feet, the steady circulation of our breath, the alignment of our spines. Over time, off of our mats, this also manifests as an awareness of grounding into the present moment, the steady circulation of Nature, the alignment of how we may serve the well-being of those around us.

We are so blessed to be able to find and cultivate these things in our own homes, our local yoga studios, our own backyards. But sometimes, we are also well served by venturing out into the wide world, seeing sunrises from new latitudes with fresh eyes, lovingly recalling in ourselves and each other what it is to be Smitten with Life.

Join Graham Parsons and Caitlin Varrin from Yogalife in a very special corner of the world, the lush southwest coast of Nicaragua, for ten days of revivification. New memories & bonds will be made, natural wonders will be seen, amazing food will be enjoyed. Two classes a day will be on offer in a diversity of styles from Yin to Rocket Ashtanga, from conscious dance to the art of Savasana. And off the mat, everything from surfing lessons in the waves on our front doorstep, to rocking contentedly in a hammock after a day well-lived. Also: dolphins.

We can’t wait to practice with you, laugh & co-create with you, root down & uplift with you. Come partake of something special, and re-acquaint yourself with the wonder that’s always quietly humming in the world around us. All we need to do is listen. And get smitten.

To sign up visit breatheinlife.com

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