Raw “Tuna” Salad Wraps

by Nanci

Raw “Tuna” Salad Wrap

Spring is in the air and it’s time for renewed commitment to your health. Winter comfort food cravings start to subside and fresh, lighter foods are where it’s at. A perfect recipe to add to your mix is the sunflower “tuna” salad below. Perfect for topping on rice crackers, cucumber slices or lettuce wraps with the recommended goodies. Go to http://www.innerglownutrition.ca/something-to-chew-on to read up on more health benefits of sunflower seeds and be sure to check out this month’s Chew Tube Video as well! Just 2 minutes! http://www.innerglownutrition.ca/chew-tube

Recipe Serves 2

This Delicious faux “Tuna Salad” is a huge hit. Enjoy on top of crackers, (rice crackers or raw), with just cucumber slices or as a wrap as per below.

2 Cups Sunflower Seeds, soaked 12-24hrs

1/2 Cup pickle Juice (Bubbies Brand is best for some fermented goodness!)

¼ Cup Lemon Juice

½ Cup White Onion, minced

½ Cup Celery, minced

¼ Cup Red Pepper, minced

¼ Cup Parsley, minced

¼ Cup Dill, minced

2 Tbsp Dulse Flakes (or ground fresh dulse)

*Optional toppings: vegan mayo, cucumber, tomatoes, pickles, sprouts

  1. Process sunflower seeds with pickle juice and lemon juice.
  2. Mix in remaining Ingredients.
  3. Place in Wrap of choice: Collards, lettuce or sprouted grain tortilla with fresh sliced cucumber, vegan mayo if desired, fresh pickles, chopped fresh cherry tomatoes, mixed sprouts and enjoy!

Written by Kristen Fraser of Inner Glow Nutrition and cook for our March 17 – 27 2016 Rejuvenation retreat in Nicaragua with Sarah Zandbeek! Click the link below for details!


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