*Nutritionist Feature* VLOG by Terra from Heart-2-Heart Holistic

by Nanci

Heart-2-Heart Holistic focuses on working together with clients to achieve their health goals and regain a sense of balance through the mind/body/spirit connection. It all comes down to one thing. You are the key to feeling your best! Terra will assist with the helping hands and support to get you there together.

Some of the services provided are:
Aromatherapy/Lymphatic drainage massage, Chakra balancing/boosting, Nutrition, Reflexology, Reiki, as well as more bodywork and various in-depth intuitive treatments that work on the energetic level.

Terra has studied the Holistic Health and Divine Connections Training programs offered through Transformational Arts College of Spiritual Training in Toronto, On, Canada.

Website: www.heart-2-heartholistic.com
Facebook: Heart2Heart Holistic
Instagram: @heart2heartholistic
Blog: https://heart2heartholistic.wordpress.com
YOUTUBE: Heart-2-Heart Holistic

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