Living a Higher Way

by Nanci

More and more people are being drawn to living a more spiritually empowered, authentically grounded, intuitively guided, positive, and peaceful life these days. We’re generally becoming much more willing to accept the idea that we are spiritual beings who create our own reality and aren’t simply victims of circumstance, as evidenced by a huge surge of interest in such things as Quantum physics and mind body connections in health matters.  We’re more willing to explore and even speak with others about our rich inner life and our ever-expanding intuitive experiences. And yet, in spite of these encouraging signs, we’re still suffering with, and causing some of, the worst personal and worldwide violence and earthly destruction that humankind has ever known.

So even though the idea of spiritual awakening and personal empowerment sounds appealing and even possible, the actual shift in consciousness most of us need to make in order to go from victim of circumstance to Divine co-creator has yet to be made. We all must take a big step forward—if not an actual leap—to actually jump-start the transformation that everyone speaks of, desires and the world so desperately needs. Your inner peace contributes to the world’s peace.

Listening to your intuition, your Spirit instead of the voice of your fears and other peoples’ wishes and instructions is such a big step. Tuning in to and following your intuition relaxes your mind, puts your body at ease, and opens your heart because you eliminate inner conflict as you become more at one with your Spirit, being your Self. Following your Spirit brings about an inner sense of peace, relieves distraction, and helps you be more open to life. With such a big load off your shoulders, you can begin to fine tune your awareness and expand your creativity, gaining a more graceful, fulfilling, and productive rhythm in your life. With your Spirit firmly at the helm, you flow with the deepest, most authentic truth of your being and experience each day as God designed and intended you to experience it: perfect, beautiful, connected, and filled with joy.  Because you are aligned with your true Self, you feel less and less compelled to seek approval or self-worth in how others view you. You stop feeling out of sync with yourself, and that’s a huge relief.

Honoring our inner voice and allowing our Spirit to lead is the inevitable choice we must all eventually make in this great transformational time we find ourselves in. In the end, we must all allow our greater selves to take the lead and live as spiritual beings if we hope to live together in peace on this planet. Choosing otherwise keeps us battling our own fears and battling others. This choice hurts us, each other, and our planet.

Those who refuse, for whatever reason, to surrender to their intuition, their heart, and their Spirit will continue to suffer, to struggle, and to miss the joy of life. Like a battery running out of power, unless we stop fighting and start trusting our Spirit for guidance, our limited ego energy dwindles and dies.

Start tuning into your intuition by following these four steps.

Be open to your intuition. Being open helps you turn your attention to your heart, where your intuition is centered. It shifts your awareness to receive intuitive guidance.

Expect your intuition to guide you. The more you expect intuition to guide you, the more it will.

Trust your intuition when it does guide you. Don’t let your ego argue or struggle against your higher wisdom. A good way to help you trust your intuition is to voice it out loud when you feel it.  By voicing your intuition it gives it value.

Act on your intuition. By acting on your intuition you begin to shift away from fear and into flow. Acting on your intuition allows your true nature to lead. It puts you back into contact with your most creative nature.

This is good for you and good for the planet. Simply put, always trust your vibes.

Blog by Sonia Choquette

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