*Destination Feature* Playa Escameca, Nicaragua

by Nanci

In the deep south of Nicaragua, just a stone’s throw from Costa Rica there is a special beach you can only hope to stumble upon while traveling – Playa Escameca. Arguably one of the nicest beaches in Central America, you won’t find Playa Escameca in any travel books and that’s because this spot is unique. This incredible stretch of beach presently only has 1 eco-resort where we will be staying named ‘Costa Dulce’ which means ‘Fresh Coast’. It boasts not only gorgeous scenery but some seriously gnarly surfing conditions that you can enjoy all to yourself. You are about as far away from honking horns, pesky sales people, crowded waves and booming late-night parties as you can get. That’s why Free & Easy Traveler (Breathe in Life’s sister company) jumped all over the opportunity to start building our own little sanctuary for the travelers we know are out there looking for something peaceful and off-the-beaten-path. Many of you actually may have seen it before and not known it; Playa Escameca was the setting for the tv show Survivor Nicaragua! You know this show always finds the most beautiful, remote paradise locations so this says a lot about this special spot.

At the beach-house we stay in you will experience resort living in an ecological reserve teeming with wildlife and natural beauty. This private villa has been custom designed using green building concepts, native hardwoods and stones. High ceilings and large overhangs provide shade from sun and rain showers. Boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur when sliding walls open kitchen and bedrooms to large decks overlooking the beach. The yoga studio has a stunning view as soothing sounds of jungle and ocean intermingle. Monkeys sometimes even make an appearance at our sessions!

Enjoy the surf, enjoy the beach, enjoy the peace and serenity on our ‘Smitten with Life’ Yoga retreat with Graham Parsons and Caitlin Varrin from Yogalife!

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