*Destination Feature* Kanya Kumari, South India

by Nanci

Photo by Jordan Ross, Co-Founder of Breathe in Life

Formerly known as Cape Camorin, KanyaKumari is the southern most tip of India, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Here in a stunning mix of wind, waves, color and temples, the three oceans surrounding the Indian Subcontinent meet. The town is named after the Hindu Goddess Devi Kanya Kumari, a sister of Krishna to whom women pray and give ritual in hopes of finding marriage.

Being the most extreme tip of India the town has much mysticism, history and ritual surrounding it. Swami Vivekenanda, one of India’s most famous monks and philosophers, came here on pilgrimage as directed by his Guru and swam out to a large rock about 500m from shore. It is said that he attained enlightenment here and in 1970 a beautiful monument was built on the rock in his honor, along with meditation hall open to visitors. On the large rock next to that holding the Vivekenanda memorial sits a very impressive statue, standing 133ft tall of Tamil poet and philosopher Tiruvalovar. There is a small boat running through the day taking visitors and pilgrims out to the rocks to walk around and contemplate the spiritual and historical significance of these remarkable rocks.

Visiting major pilgrimage points such as Kanyakumari in India is always an incredible experience. Beyond the amazing architecture, energy and environment, it is truly something special to see the devotees who have come to give their thanks, prayers and love to the Gods. For many Hindus it is a must to come to Kanyakumari once in their lives, and for the poorer communities it can be a great challenge. We are always amazed and the sheer joy and elation of watching groups arrive by the dozens to celebrate, splash in the water, and fully surrender to the moment.

This stop is one of our personal favorites and we can’t wait to share it with you on our 20 day South India adventure in February 2016.

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