Coaching Your Brain To Better Health

by Nanci

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You cannot get healthy by “trying to be healthy”, continuously bantering yourself that you “should eat better”, reading articles and looking at healthy recipes and getting takeout anyways then being hard on yourself for your behavior. It creates an energetic disconnect from the health you are in fact seeking. The health that you in fact already are.

An ongoing reminder that thoughts create things, a truth now being proven by metaphysics, must be used in your creation of your own health. This is one of the strongest, most effective tools I coach my clients through and it works not only in health, but in so many other areas of your life… an absolute must if you want to actually get anything you want out of life.

“You already have inside you everything you’ve ever wanted or looked for elsewhere.” –Sara Avant Stover, author of The Way of the Happy Woman

When I tell people they are already the health that they seek – they think I’m crazy at first. But hang in there with me for a minute. Let me walk you through a few mindset shifts that you can use yourself right now to start on your own path. Take a deep breath and start with a few shifts in your language. Here’s a few suggestions:

Shift: “I need to go to the gym.” to “I am a gym monkey and I love working out.”

Shift: “I can’t control what I eat.” to “I make conscious choices about everything that goes into my body.”

Shift: “I don’t know what to eat or how to make it.” to “I know exactly what is the best nourishment for me and I prepare it with ease.”

See, most people wait for circumstances to change in order to change the way they feel, rather than changing the way they feel in order to project new circumstances. Write that one on your wall. I’ve witnessed and experienced for myself over the last decade going from “I am terrible in the kitchen…”, “I don’t like my job” “I don’t know what to do with my life” to saying “I am a happy, healthy nutritionist and natural foods chef who inspires people around the world.” I’ve travelled around the world from Dubai, Columbia, Peru, New York, becoming a world travelling chef and nutritionist… all starting from the words I would speak in my 9-5 office job. I’ve watched clients who said they were going to workout three days a week check in the next month confessing they hadn’t been once and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them. I had them use shift #1 above and they went to the gym the next day and have been going ever since.

Remember to watch your thoughts as you start this process – you may already be skeptical and shift right back into “this doesn’t work”, etc. That itself is just the mind playing more tricks. It’s an ongoing process… a daily one. To consistently self talk yourself back into “I am healthy and vibrant and all good things come to me.” “I don’t have to get this perfect right away – or ever.” If you are really far off track, give yourself a break and tell yourself it’s all going to get better from here. The letting go and surrendering to the health that you already are is a refreshing feeling. And in that refreshing feeling you will unveil more of the inspired actions that will keep you there.

Written by Kristin Fraser from Inner Glow Nutrition. She will be the nutritionist and chef on Breathe in Life’s Rejuvenation Retreat – Live Food + Yoga.


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