Breakfast In Paradise

by Nanci

Helloooooo Bali!

 I have found myself in the mecca of foodies, yogi’s and surfers paradise and I am in heaven! I cannot believe it’s my first time in this wonderful place. There are organic cafe’s and coffee shops on every corner. As I ride my motorbike through rice paddies sprinkled along the coast, I see signs saying ‘Organic Cafe!’, ‘Real Organic Coffee!’, ‘Vegan Breakfast Smoothie Bowl!’! Yesterday I stumbled upon a small shop selling raw seeds and nuts, quinoa, lentils, beans and legumes, super foods, coconut everything and organic chocolate and coffee. Hello??! If I weren’t on a 6-month backpacking trip, aka a budget, I would have bought everything.

 Another glorious event. As my partner and I met travelling 6 and a half years ago backpacking in Thailand, our travel style has made a sweet transformation. We’ve come from destination hoping only after seeing a place for a few days, max a week, to finding apartments and bungalows to rent for at least a month. There are many benefits to this new way of living on the road, and I highlight one. Having a kitchen! This is key to our travel and we make sure almost all places have one so we can get in there and control what we eat and drink wine while we cook!

 Below is my latest breakfast obsession! With ingredients so fresh and available, the taste is overwhelmingly, insanely, beautifully delicious! Extreme? Nothing so simple can be too extreme. Enjoy!

Raw Tropical Breakfast Salad:

 Handful of fresh strawberies

1 sliced banana

Handful of crushed raw cashews

Sprinkle of sunflower seeds

Generous amount of cinnamon

Gentle squeeze of raw honey

Covered in local shredded coconut

Mix and indulge!

Written by Breathe in Life guide and holistic nutritionist, Meghan Trompetter

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